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Laminated in layers, with kaizer and Danish specialty

Laminated in layers, with kaizer and Danish specialty

In a yena bowl I put pieces of butter, a little fried kaizer, pieces of Danish specialty, then I covered with slices of cold polenta. I repeated the operation with another layer of butter, kaizer, Danish specialties, the last layer being polenta.

I beat two eggs with chopped parsley and put them over the last layer of polenta, then I put everything in the microwave for 10 minutes (it would have taken longer in the stove oven, but I was too hungry to wait ...: -P)

Everything was blessed in the blink of an eye ....

Italianisms in the Romanian culinary field

The first linguistic approximations between the Romanian and the Italian language took place at the beginning of the 18th century, this being the epoch of the first Italian-Romanian cultural contacts.
Even today, Romanian borrows words from the Italian language.
Among the relatively recent Italianisms taken over by other languages ​​and which have become international terms, many belong to the culinary field: pizza, spaghetti, ravioli, broccoli, espresso and so on
In Romanian, some of these terms have entered more, being already included in dictionaries, in forms not yet adapted (pizza) or even adapted (macaroni, spaghetti), others have entered into circulation only in recent years (ravioli, broccoli). Finally, there are also Italian words used as such, in impressive quantities, in restaurant menus, usually without going beyond these specific contexts (lasagna, ricotta, mozzarella, tortellini etc.) in their case, only spelling errors (especially those concerning double consonants) may seem a sign of involuntary adaptation.
The word the pizza appears in the Small Academic Dictionary as: “sheet of dough over which cheese, meat, mushrooms, fish, tomatoes and spices are placed, baked in the oven, constituting a typical dish for southern Italy.
Incomplete morphologically and graphically adapted, the word the pizza is currently used with the original spelling, keeping its etymological spelling, with dD and with the final in -a unadapted analogically as in his case cola, which does not become carrier sheet, form the pizza it is preferred to an assimilation, not at all impossible in familiar orality, the pizza. However, this is not an accentuated finale (as in halva, sarma), of final can be interpreted as a definite article.

However, the word pizza already has a lexical family in Romanian. Derivatives & # 8211 pizzerias, pizzar & # 8211 generally keeps the spelling of the basic term. "It simply came to our notice then pizzeria could be considered equally justified internal formation and loan (because the Romanian suffix corresponds perfectly to the Italian one, and the form pizzeria is very close to the Italian one, pizzeria), in his case pizzar there is no doubt: it is certainly a Romanian band with the suffix agent & # 8211would in Italian, the term designating the preparer of the product is pizza maker.”(Zafiu, Rodica, The sins of language: Culinary Italianism,
There is also the word paste, at least as interesting from a linguistic point of view, because a term already existing in Romanian receives & # 8211 under the influence of Italian culinary products & # 8211 a new meaning and use. The Italian term paste can only be paraphrased by technical-commercial formulas & # 8211 pasta produced from pasta dish based on pasta & # 8211 which of course have no way to enter the current circulation. "Used without determinants, especially in the singular, the word paste evoke other realities in Romanian (pen, toothbrush, porridge) even in the culinary context, tomato paste was more familiar. At present, however, there is a tendency to use the singular paste and especially the plural Easter, without specifications, with meaning Italian cuisine. ” (Zafiu, Rodica, The Sins of Language: Culinary Italianism,
An interesting problem is the Italian plurals, taken as such & # 8211 spaghetti (even if DEX registers the adapted form, spaghetti, circulates a lot and the original one), broccoli, ravioli etc: they are generally used as invariable nouns, but also as plurals, both inarticulate and articulate & # 8211 inadequacy: the article is not present material (in a single i).
Another Italian word that came hard and late in our dictionaries is Neapolitan, which comes from the city of Naples, Italy.
Newer dictionaries usually remedy the situation, but they can no longer accurately reconstruct the etymology and history of early circulation.
In DEX, Neapolitan appears, with the explanation “confectionery product prepared from layers of sheets filled with cream” (2009 edition). The term has long had a more general meaning, the phrase wafer sheets designating the type of baked dough sheet, crispy, with relief in squares, used for biscuits, ice cream cones, ice cream, cakes, etc. thus, Neapolitan is, in Romanian, the equivalent of the food product called in several languages ​​wafers. The terms have the same Germanic origin wafer and waffle in English, wafel in Dutch, Waffel in German, waffles In French some of them entered other languages, so in Italian wafer (loan from English).
Deadline wafers it is very strongly installed in Romanian.

Mioara Avram tells us that, among the Italian loans, the words are Romanianized lasagna, risotto and spaghetti, but cannelloni, ravioli, tortellini, all plural and inarticulate, are unsuitable.
"Risotto means" small rice "in Italian and is one of the most popular and tasty dishes of Galileo Galilei's country. Although there are many options, all are based on Italian rice that ensures the success of this recipe. "
Also from Mioara Avram we find out that an Italian variety of dried cheese is called correctly Parmesan, not parmazan, and the graphic version parmesan it is etymological.
Another Italian cheese specialty has the inappropriate name written on it mozzarella, and also an Italian specialty, but salami, is called with the unadapted neologism mortadella.
The word cracker appears in our country in 1777, and has its Italian origin in its distant origin cookie, which came to us through Hungarian (piscόta) or Serbian (piskot). Italy's cookie meant "baked twice”.
Focaccia is a flat bread, traditional in Italy, which is very similar to the pizza top. Also known as "Panis focacius& # 8220, the dish has become very popular in kitchens around the world.
More recently, names such as: bruschette, linguini, tagliatelle, rigatoni, penne have appeared in the menus of Italian restaurants in Romania. (Appendix 1).
The influence of the Italian language returns today largely due to the penetration of international terms in the culinary field, Italian cuisine being one of the best known in the world.

Layered polenta, with kaizer and Danish specialty - Recipes

We are fasting for the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and I thought of a fasting dish, something simple and light, such as these mustard potatoes, a Greek specialty.

I saw them at Razvan Pascu, who publishes international recipes every weekend.

The truth is that I did them in April for the first time, I also posed for them then and even if I didn't manage to post them then, I do them now. I've made them a few times since then because I really like baked potatoes.

Portions: 4
Preparation time: 45 minutes

* 1 kilogram of potatoes,
* 1 tablespoon olive oil,
* 3 tablespoons yellow mustard,
* 3 cloves of garlic,
* 1 tablespoon dried oregano,
* salt,
* pepper.

1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

2. Wash the potatoes & # 8211 if they are new & # 8211 or peel them. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the garlic. I didn't have new potatoes.

3. Cut the potatoes if they are large in halves or quarters. in quarters.

4. Mix the olive oil with the mustard, garlic, oregano, salt and pepper.

5. Line a tray with parchment paper. I just ran out. - (

6. Grease the potatoes with the mustard mixture and place them in the pan.

7. Bake the potatoes on the right heat for 35-40 minutes.

Baked mustard potatoes are served hot, as a side dish or as a dish in itself.

I sacrificed a jar of pickled cucumbers put by my mother, with carrots and onions. Very-very good!


Well, you just have to be very brave to turn on the oven in this heat

I made them at the end of April. so.

Hi Liana, thanks for stpping by my blog earlier and nice to meet you. You've such a lovely blog here. And your potato recipe looks really delicious too! Hope to hear from you more often. Have a fabulous weekend!
Cheers, Kristy

Good thing you reminded me of them, and we really liked them. Good day.

I would have the courage :)) that today I made lasagna and baked pumpkin. so I have the courage :))), goodwill :))

Lilly - with pleasure, have a nice day too!

Gaby - how hardworking you are! I would also have the courage, because I have air conditioning -))))

a very good idea me who loves mustard, I will definitely like it
good weekend

I did too and they are very good.

They have to be good. I'll do them too. We in the family are also a fan of baked potatoes.
nice weekend!

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Egg points

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Specialty with vegetables

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Pork chop in sweet and sour sauce

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Grape muffins

A recipe for muffins with grapes from: butter, eggs, walnuts, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon peel, flour, chocolate, salt, caster sugar and white grapes. Grape pudding has an unmistakable taste if a little sparkling wine or champagne is added to the gelatin composition. For desserts, choose grapes and grease them with honey & # 8230

Butterflies with salmon and chives

A recipe for farfalle with salmon and chives from: farfalle, cream cheese, lemon juice, smoked salmon, and chives. Ingredients: 350 g of farfalle 200 g cream cheese, lean 1 teaspoon lemon juice 145 g smoked salmon or marinade, broken into pieces a few strands of chives, cut Preparation: & # 8230

Vegetarian recipes: Vegetarian pizza

A vegetarian pizza recipe from: flour, yeast, milk, salt, olive oil, mozzarella, pumpkin, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and green basil. Ingredients: for the dough: 300 g flour 50 g yeast 150 ml milk a powder salt 3 tablespoons olive oil for the filling: 200 g mozzarella 2 zucchini an onion 200 g mushrooms & # 8230

Goat cheese rolls

A recipe for rolls with goat cheese from: raw prosciutto, goat cheese, sesame, butter, thyme, green onions, spicy tomato sauce, salt and red pepper. Ingredients: 16 slices of dried raw ham (or Prague ham) 250 g goat cheese in brine 50 g sesame 75 g thyme butter 2-3 strands & # 8230

Cheese soup

A recipe for cheese soup from: butter, leek, carrot, celery, flour, poultry, cheddar cheese, parmesan and croutons. Ingredients: 125 g butter 1 leek 1 carrot 1 celery 75 g flour 1 l bird soup 250 g cheddar cheese 30 g parmesan croutons Preparation: In the melted butter fry the vegetables & # 8230

Rich pancakes

Pancakes rich in: pumpkin, eggplant, peppers, onions, tomatoes, pork, salt, pepper, olive oil, eggs, milk, oil, flour, parsley and thyme. Ingredients: 3 zucchini one eggplant 3 peppers 2 onions 4 tomatoes 400 g pork leg salt pepper olive oil for pancake dough: 2 eggs 300 ml milk 3 & # 8230

Romanian carp plaque

Romanian carp plate from: carps, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, lemon, green garlic, green parsley, tomato juice, pepper, bay leaf, salt and oil. Ingredients: 2 fresh carps about 1 kg each 3 onions 3 bell peppers of different colors 3 tomatoes 1 lemon 1 link green garlic 1 link green parsley & # 8230

Hot chocolate with rum

A simple hot chocolate recipe with rum from: chocolate, rum and whipped cream. Ingredients: 1 cup hot chocolate 2-4 cl brown rum liquid whipped cream Grated chocolate Preparation: Pour hot chocolate together in a glass. Serve with liquid cream and grated chocolate.

Cake with crumbled dough

Dough cake made of: cherries, peaches, butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, cinnamon, almonds and flour. Ingredients: 250 g compote cherries 750 g ripe peaches, hard 200 g butter 160 g sugar 2 sachets vanilla sugar 1 salt powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 150 g ground almonds 275 g flour Mod & # 8230

Tomato soup with basil

A recipe for tomato soup with basil from: tomatoes, celery, parsley, olive oil, peppers, carrots, onions, coarse salt, pepper, basil and Parmesan. Ingredients: one kg tomatoes a celery root a parsley root 2-3 teaspoons olive oil 2 peppers 2 carrots 2 onions coarse salt ground black pepper ground green basil parmesan for & # 8230

Hairpins in tomato sauce

Meatballs in tomato sauce from: turkey breast, onion, carrot, rice, egg, bread, milk, salt, tomatoes, sugar, celery leaves and salt. Ingredients: 1 turkey breast 1 onion 1 carrot 1 cup boiled rice 1 egg 2-3 slices of bread 1 cup milk salt for tomato sauce: 1 kg & # 8230

Peppers stuffed with potatoes

Peppers stuffed with potatoes from: rgas peppers, potatoes, broth, onions and spices. Ingredients: 10 shells rgas peppers 10 shells the size of shells 5 tablespoons broth or 5 tomatoes 2 onions spices Preparation: Peel the peppers, but do not throw the stalks, which you can use as a lid. Let the peppers drain & # 8230.

Chicken with rice and oranges

A recipe for chicken with rice and oranges from: chicken breast, peppers, oranges, rice, soy sauce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coarse salt, pepper, sugar, sesame seeds and parsley. Ingredients: 500 g chicken breast 2 peppers 3 oranges 300 g rice 2-3 tablespoons soy sauce 2-3 tablespoons olive oil

Cheddar Pesto

Put the stems and most of the leaves from a large handful of basil in a food processor. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic and a few tablespoons of water, then mix until the consistency of a paste. Add 50g of Cheddar cheese and stir again. Season to taste. Have fun! & # 8230

Crispy summer pickles

A recipe for crispy summer pickles from: cucumber, carrot, cauliflower, onion, bell pepper, hot pepper, thyme, dill, coarse salt, vinegar, pepper, coriander and white bread. Ingredients: 250 g small cucumbers 1 large carrot 1 small cauliflower 2 onions 1 red bell pepper 1 green hot pepper 1 bunch thyme and dried dill 2 & # 8230

Pork steak with rice

A recipe for pork steak with rice from: pork meat, salt, pepper, paprika, wine, thyme, onion, mushrooms, butter, rice, olive oil, capsicum and green onions. Ingredients: 800 g pork pulp salt paprika hot and sweet 50 ml semi-sweet wine a thyme powder 2 onions 300 g mushrooms & # 8230

Fasting recipes: Leek soup with borscht

Leek soup with borscht from: leeks, celery, potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, tomatoes, parsley, dill, borscht, garlic, olive oil, pumpkin and lemon slices. Ingredients: 1-2 leeks a celery 3 potatoes a carrot 2 peppers a onion 2-3 tomatoes a bunch parsley a bunch dill 500 ml borscht 2-3 cloves garlic 2 & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Chicken salad with black beans and avocado dressing

A recipe for Chicken Salad with black beans and avocado dressing from: chicken breast, chicken soup, black beans, bell peppers, green onions, salt, pepper, avocado sauce and whipped milk. Ingredients: 4 cups diced boiled chicken breast chicken soup 200 g black pancakes rinsed and drained 1 pepper & # 8230

Spinach pesto

Boil a kettle with water, then pour boiling water over 500g of spinach in a strainer until the leaves soften. Drain the excess water, then put the spinach in a food processor together with 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 100 g of low-fat feta and 40g of seeds & # 8230

Summer vegetable bag

Summer vegetable borscht from: onions, oil, bell peppers, hot peppers, melons, carrots, celery, potatoes, pods, tomatoes, cabbage, rice, eggs, celery leaves, parsley leaves, beets, loboda, larch, borscht and salt. Ingredients: 1 onion 3 tablespoons oil 1 red pepper 1 hot pepper 1 melon 1 carrot 1/2 celery 500 g & # 8230

Tart with pepper mix

A tart recipe with pepper mix of: pepper, margarine, breadcrumbs, coarse salt, pepper, yeast, flour, olive oil and garlic. Ingredients: 8-10 peppers different assortments 100 g margarine 100 g breadcrumbs coarse salt ground black pepper for dough: 50 g yeast 125 ml warm water 350 g flour 4 tablespoons olive oil & # 8230

Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto sauce

An Easter recipe with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto sauce from: penne, bacon, dried tomatoes, arugula leaves, pine seeds, basil leaves, parmesan, olive oil and garlic. Ingredients: 300 g penne or other short pasta 8 thin slices of bacon 1 jar of dried tomatoes whole arugula leaves, to serve & # 8230

Squid stuffed with blood, with sticky tomato sauce

A recipe for squid stuffed with blood sausage, with sticky tomato sauce from: olive oil, ribs, onions, thyme leaves, blood sausage, lemon peel, sea salt, pepper, squid, hot peppers, garlic and cherry tomatoes. Although it may seem strange, meat squid is a common combination a good example is delicious & # 8230

Eggplant stew

A recipe for wine stew from: eggplant, onion, tomatoes, oil, garlic, pepper and salt. Ingredients: 5-6 eggplants 300 g onion 300 g tomatoes 100 ml oil 1 head of garlic pepper salt Preparation: Cut the eggplant (with a stainless steel knife) into pieces and scald them in salted water, then & # 8230

Rabbit soup

A rabbit soup recipe from: rabbit, onion, carrots, parsnips, celery, red wine, borscht, eggs, sour cream, oil, parsley, salt, pepper and vinegar. Ingredients: 1 kg rabbit 150 g onion 100 g carrots 100 g parsnips 100 g celery 150 ml red wine 1 l borscht 2 eggs 100 g sour cream 100 ml oil & # 8230

Caprese croutons

A recipe for Crostini alla caprese from: ciabatta bread, tomatoes, mozzarella, green olives, pesto, extra virgin olive oil and basil. Ingredients: 8 slices of 4 red ciabatta bread, sliced ​​cross 200g mozzarella, sliced ​​100g green olives, pitted 8 tablespoons pesto extra virgin olive oil fresh basil, for serving Mod & # 8230

Pumpkin stew

A recipe for pumpkin stew from: pumpkin, eggplant, onion, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, breadcrumbs, thyme and bay leaves. Ingredients: 4 zucchini 2 eggplant 4 onions 4 tomatoes 2-3 tablespoons olive oil salt 2 teaspoons white thyme breadcrumbs 4 bay leaves Preparation: Peel the eggplant and peel it.

Colored tuna salad

A tuna salad recipe from: corn kernels, tuna, peas, tomatoes and sour cream. Ingredients: 425 corn grains 170 g tuna in crushed oil 400 g green peas 3 tomatoes 3 tablespoons sour cream Preparation: Wash the tomatoes and chop them finely. Drain the peas and corn grains of juice, pass them & # 8230

Tuscan tomato soup

A Tuscan tomato soup recipe from: baguette, oil, onion, garlic, tomatoes, bird soup, parmesan and greens. Ingredients: 6 slices of baguette 2 tablespoons oil 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 1.5 kg tomatoes 1 l poultry soup 60 g parmesan greens Preparation: Brown the bread. Se & # 8230

Fusilli with arugula, sausages and fennel

Fusilli with arugula, sausages and fennel from: fusilli, pork sausages, garlic, hot peppers, fennel seeds, sour cream, mustard with berries, parmesan and arugula leaves. Ingredients: 350 g fusilli pasta 6 calitte pork sausages 2 cloves garlic, sliced ​​1 red hot pepper, sliced, seedless 1 tablespoon topped & # 8230

Baked potatoes with tzatziki

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Cabbage food from Moldova

Moldovan cabbage food from: cabbage, onion, pepper, chicken legs, green parsley, sour cream, salt, pepper, tomato sauce and eggs. Ingredients: 1 medium cabbage 3-4 onions 1 pepper 4 chicken legs 1 bunch green parsley 300 ml sour cream salt pepper tomato sauce 2 eggs Preparation: Wash and & # 8230

Turkey chilli and baked potatoes

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Baked potatoes with salmon and fresh cream with chives

Prick and bake 4 red potatoes until golden brown and crispy. Break 200g of smoked salmon into pieces and divide it between the 4 potatoes. Sprinkle with a little lemon juice and cover with 1 tablespoon of fresh cream. Season and sprinkle with chives. Good appetite!

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Pesto with nuts

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Omelette with spinach and smoked mussels

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Tagliatelle with shells

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Pad Thai with shrimp

Thai pad with shrimp from: udon noodles, oil, shrimp, green onions, eggs, peanuts, coriander leaves, lime, tamarind paste, fish sauce, lime juice and brown sugar. Ingredients: 250 g udon noodles 2 teaspoons oil 100 g raw shrimp, peel 4 green onions, chopped 2 eggs, beaten 2 tbsp & # 8230

Traditions: Mamaligamania

We are a country of polenta. Thanks to Columbus for taking the food to leave in 1492 for the New World, where he came with potatoes, corn and other gourmet dishes from us. Actually, why am I saying this to the gourmet? Both corn and potatoes are the "poor man's food". But this is not what I want to talk about today, but about how many kinds of polenta can be made on Mioritic lands.

Who does not enter the kitchen until the sink no longer goes in the bathroom will wonder what is the great philosophy to make a polenta. But who knows what it's about can see in two different polenta different flavors, like a good wine, which is not drunk in a glass of mustard.

So, what types of polenta are eaten in Romania? We will not talk about the classic dishes that are eaten with polenta: sarmale with polenta, mushroom stew with polenta or the classic MeBeSe (polenta with cheese and sour cream). We are talking about types of neaosa polenta, recipes that make polenta different and we are famous for the yellow delicacy with a slight smell of barn.

Hurry polenta. Hasty polenta is usually made from semolina. It's the easiest polenta to make. Usually those who make the hurried polenta do it on the stove, it doesn't complicate with the kettle / tuci. Boil salted water, add the cornstarch gradually and turn constantly until it starts to boil again. Then it overturns. In the restaurants & # 8220 per minute & # 8221 you will find this polenta, which unfortunately is also the weakest in terms of quality, but also easy to prepare.

Vartoasa polenta. The polenta is made from normal corn, the difference from the hurried polenta being that the salt water is boiled, then put all the corn in the middle and let it boil. After it is left to boil, homogenize the polenta and rotate in the pan for about 15 minutes. More precisely, turn the facal (or chew) in the polenta until your biceps leave, then turn for another 5 minutes. Finally, the polenta is collected from the walls of the cauldron and the polenta is checked. If it comes off the facet easily, it's ready. Some housewives add a square of butter ten minutes before pouring it on the table. The butter softens it a little, and the polenta gets a taste. The same can be done with a piece of bellows cheese, secreted before being overturned. Turn over on a wooden bottom, then cut with a string.

In the picture, a swirling polenta made to order (in a cauldron, over a wood fire)

Variation: if you don't have too many fussy ones, leave the polenta for another ten minutes at the end of the ones listed above, until it smokes and catches the peel. The peel will come off easily and be eaten with bellows cheese or milk. For connoisseurs only.

Polenta with milk. Bring the milk to a boil, then add the cornstarch. It is made like a rotten polenta, only it is boiled in milk.

Mush. It is a specialty from the north of the country, of Ukrainian origin. It also arrived in Banat, where the recipe is slightly different. It is also made with the addition of normal flour, after boiling, fry a butter or fat (tallow or lard).

Balmos. It's a special polenta, boiled in sour cream. Put the cream to boil, then thicken with wheat flour. After it has thickened enough, add the corn flour, then stir continuously so that it does not stick. At some point, the fat from the cream comes out on top (the balm is cut), a sign that the balm is ready. There is also the shepherd's version of balmos or balmus (I also met the balmus version) which is boiled in whey or tintita (the whey left over after it has been boiled and the urda has been chosen). The best balmos variants I ate were in Apuseni but you can find houses / pensions where there is a tasty balmos in Maramures.

In the image below, a balmoş made in the Stone House (next to the Scarisoara Glacier)

Here is a balmos made by me:

Below I have a photo with a house balmos, but also one with the biggest balmos in the world (he participated in the Guinness Book in 2007), taken in the center of Garda de Sus commune, from which & # 8230 I ate to my heart's content. I assure you that I didn't eat it, it was really good, please, we eat it anyway, but it turned out very good anyway)

Eggs in the nest. This simple dish can save you from a great shame (let's say you forgot to shop and wake up with guests). From the usual polenta, a polenta tray is made, in which holes are made. Either with glasses or with a spoon. Put a small muzzle of butter in each hole and an egg egg. Put it in the oven and serve it from the whole tray, which is extremely good-looking.

Fleas (or boyar fleas). Originally from the eastern Muntenia area (Buzau & # 8211 Braila and climbs a bit in southern Moldova, up to Focsani), this recipe involves the use of cold polenta, overnight, which remained and was not given to dogs: D . Chop the polenta, mix well with an egg, cheese, butter, sausages or jumari (depending on the area, in the Sarata Monteoru area even put Plescoi sausages). I don't have photos with them, but I really like that both grandparents made me this dish to satisfy our hunger between two games. I was very surprised to hear that in Bucharest this dish is unknown, and then I was even happier to find it on the menu of some restaurants in the Buzau area (for example at the Lime Inn in Sarata Montoru, where I make it with Plescoi sausages). It is also born gag.

Mamaliguta toponita. This type of polenta is a polenta filled with everything and then put in the oven, originating from the Apuseni area. Make the vartoosa polenta, then place the polenta slices interspersed with cheese, jumari or sausages and eggs on top (eggs in the nest, see above).

Bulz (also called polenta bear or polenta goose). Although many of you have probably eaten hurried polenta with egg, ham and cheese as bulz, I want to assure you that this is not bulz. It is a polished oven (sometimes with a microwave) in which things are put to make it full and consistent. The original bulzul or polenta bear is an authentic shepherd's recipe: take a piece of marjoram, as big as a quince or even bigger, fill it with bellows cheese and bake it on the fire on fir wood (obligatory). Cica in the Tranaveni & # 8211 Mures area is also called the gang.

Also on the other side of the mountains, but in Banat, you can find the grill made on the grill (also over a wood fire). An image with golden Bulgarians captured at the Pita Festival in Banat, in Timisoara.

You will know that the bully or the polenta bear is ready when the polenta shell is browned, and the cheese has softened and flows like in the pinkest food stories possible.

Find this bulz in the Satic area, near Dambovicioara. A hare shepherd invites you to dinner and you will cool him down with the beers in the trunk, put in the river for a while, while you dance to stories.And an image with the kiss, maybe it will make you want a trip:

Geandra (unpublished!) This dish is obvious, I haven't tried it and honestly that's why I decided to put the rest of the polenta variants on paper. I found the recipe at Fata din Port so I quote her here with reverence:

& # 8220 Beat some eggs, about 4.5 and add some fresh cottage cheese. He did not add pepper, dill, or other spices. Only salt. In the meantime, she was making polenta. I don't know how many of you know, but when the polenta is made (that is, it boils), right after the corn boils and before it starts to harden, the polenta is soft. My family has always said: GEANDRA. She was frying the omelette with a lot of oil (probably at that time, the cholesterol was not in bloom) and she poured that soft polenta over it and mixed it. Don't think that the omelet came out like a pizza (that's how my nephew thinks it should look like an omelet). It was a mixture of goodies. It looks like porridge. But it was wonderful. Think that that fresh cottage cheese leaves a little whey, which gave a sweetness to the eggs, and that polenta was so filling that you didn't need anything else. & # 8221

Fish polenta. This recipe is a technical recipe, because it is not normally eaten. Because I'm not a big fisherman, I cut from this big Internet a recipe that I thought was more special that I adapted a little (thanks for the article).

Bring water to a boil (about 3-4 liters per 1 kg of corn flour). Meanwhile, mix the corn flour with the white flour (in the desired proportion). When the water boils, put over 3 to 4 tablespoons of hot water over the prepared flour. Stir until lumpy in the palm of the hand (about 10/3 cm). Throw these lumps in boiling water and cook for 30-60 minutes. Return the lumps so that they do not stick to the bottom of the vessel. Boiling should NOT be supervised. The vessel is covered with a lid, only partially. After boiling, strain the polenta lumps, without throwing the water in which they boiled. Break the lumps with a spiral to crush the mashed potatoes and pour back from the water. Stir until it comes out a little softer than we would like it to come out (cooling polenta hardens). The duration of the mixing process is about 1-2 minutes. Important! After you have reached the desired consistency, put the whole polenta in a more resistant plastic bag, cover it with a kitchen cloth and knead it with the palm of your hand by rolling it on the table, for homogenization. Leave it in this bag and do NOT cover it with canvas as most recipes suggest. Here that in maximum 3-4 minutes from the end of cooking we have a grade 10 polenta. The advantage is that we do NOT have to waste our time with its preparation and what is more important: every time we have the desired consistency.”

I end with a few suggestions about an apple polenta:

Give up the gray corn. The real polenta is made from ordinary corn.

Try making polenta in a cauldron. The polenta made in the pan, on the stove is a shame of the species. Tuciu has some remarkable heat transfer properties that affect the final taste of polenta.

Innobilati mamaliga. The addition of butter, cheese, sausages, ham, egg (but to be put on the fire) makes it better and tastier. In fact, you will see in the recipes on the net that any polenta in which you put something other than water, salt and corn is called peasant, boyar, princely, etc.

Before trying a weirder recipe than the ones above, try to steal the craft. From someone who has been doing it for years properly. The balmos does not come out easily (look in the photo above with the biggest balmos in the world to see how the fat has accumulated on top & # 8211 is the result of hours of continuous chewing, with skill and care)

Present the polenta nicely. A brightly decorated polenta enhances the appetite and generates orgasmic feelings that only a good meal, made with a "pot love", can generate.

Do you know other recipes or versions / variants of traditional polenta? It would help me find other recipes from areas I haven't been to.

[in the meantime I found more recipes & # 8230]

Circus or string. A very soft polenta, with cheese and eggs in it. The string recipes would be with sugar. I have to find a village where something like this is made and go to eat made by the old people, they don't spoil the recipe for ancestral grandchildren in the world.
Shut up and swallow. Although it sounds very erotic / defiant of common sense for our parents, it is nothing more than a polished toponita & # 8211 name from the Sibiu area.
Clepezeu recipe from the Sibiu area. Melt a piece of bacon or kaizer in a cauldron. It is kept in the cauldron and the scallops that remain from the melting of the bacon or kaizer. Place the crushed cheese on top of the bacon and mix gently to mix. Add the malai and a little salt and mix until the malai is boiled. Serve hot with sour cream.
Borândău. It's a weird polenta: cornmeal is boiled in fresh pork blood, right after cutting. It is a rare recipe from Transylvania (probably from Roman times, they used blood from sacrifices to eat). You have someone here who is good at something like this (and who I will want to meet in person one day!)

Badarau. It is a polenta with butter or cheese, fried. I haven't eaten this kind of food, but it seems like the kind of food that anyone can make at home with cold polenta (see also fleas).

Pictures of Philly Steak

Pictures: restaurant, plate, food, vegetables and fruits Pictures: restaurant, plate, food, vegetables and fruits, fish, kitchen, western, diet, meat dish, meatballs, steak burger, cheese in hamburger 4704x3136,1027592. We use cookies and other technologies on this website. Preparation - Pork steak in beer sauce. In a pan, fry 2 onions and garlic in melted butter. Match the taste with salt and pepper. Pour the beer and leave it on the fire for about 10 minutes, until it halves. Season the meat with salt and pepper to taste. Grease it well with oil. Roll out the dough into 4 rectangles. Spread each rectangle with 1 teaspoon of mustard. Top each with 1 slice of beef, cheese and a quarter of chili. 3. Starting from the short end, roll. Hold the seam closed. Place, side seam down, on baking paper. Top countertops. 4

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Picture parastas. SWEET PARASTAS MENU I. DOUBLE BASKETS FILLED WITH FAT PEPPER EGGPLANTS WITH CHEESE PASTA cheese skewers WITH OLIVES Cucumbers, RED. MIX GRILL. Pork neck Roast. PORK NECK 200G 2 SMALL FRIED POTATOES WHITE CABBAGE SALAD. DESERT Polenta, sheep's cheese and pork steak for Patriarch Kiril, at the reception at the Palace of the Republic Monday, 9 September 2013 19:35 2013-09-09 20:16:10 PUBLIKA.MD Photo comments: My table Easter was not necessarily traditional, even if it had lamb and painted eggs. However, he did not have a liver or a borscht of lamb. But the friends I visited were so excited that I thought it would be nice to show it to you. In stages - today the snack and steak of lamb in beer, and tomorrow the two kinds of Easter With all of which had access to food abundance and products that the great mass of the population obtained with maximum difficulty, Nicolae Ceaușescu had an austere diet. What Nicolae Ceaușescu was doing every morning Thus, Nicolae Ceaușescu woke up every morning at about the same time. At 8:00, he arrived at the office [ Ingredient: 600 gr. pork leg 400 gr. canned mushrooms 6 cloves of garlic 100 gr. white wine 4-5 tablespoons olive oil a cup of water (200 gr.) a teaspoon of vegeta salt, pepper Preparation: The meat is divided into three pieces. Put each salted and peppered piece in a pan, sprinkle with olive oil, wine and put a cup of water.

Ravioli with cheese in sage and butter sauce Also for my birthday, as I mentioned in the previous post, I also made a roasted mutton steak. I had intended to actually make a leg of lamb with herbs and olive oil, but I didn't find what I wanted. If you think there are few pictures of her ready, she owes it. Buuuuun, with caramelized onions, Gouda cheese and ketchup. Before the rain came, I also tried a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, a beef steak sandwich, fried onions, green peppers, a cheese specialty and a cool sauce that I couldn't identify 'I gave up sweet and bread, we ate only a slice of graham in the morning, with low-fat cheese, olive oil, then steak with vegetable salad. I avoided carbohydrates and did daily body treatments and sports, a lot of sports! I avoid sweets, but not completely. I usually replace them with raw vegan, sugar-free options

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  • Mix about 500 g of cottage cheese (or urda or both) with 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons of semolina and a few flours - to come out as a composition like papanas. Add salt, green onions and chopped dill. Be careful not to be loud. I also put some grated curd
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  • Have a cup of coffee sweetened with a sugar cube for breakfast. At lunch, eat two boiled eggs with 380 grams of spinach and a tomato. Dinner will consist of 200 grams of beef steak as well as a fresh lettuce with olive oil and lemon juice. SEE PHOTO GALLERY PICTURE 1 / 3. Danish diet.
  • ute on each side. Turn on the oven and blend all the vegetables
  • Although he was known to be very discreet about his love affair - he even burned his mistresses' love letters to hide evidence of his infidelities - journalist Catharine Arnold, in her book on the life of Edward VII, revealed that Bertie had 411 sex with.

Culinary recipes: Pictures of hunger Skip to main content Search this blog Illustrated recipes with pictures prepared in Tania's kitchen Rustic platter (pork stew, polenta and egg with cheese). You need: 1 kg potatoes, 4 onions, 1 kg beef, 100 ml red wine, 20 g butter, 2 tablespoons oil, salt and pepper. Step 1. Peel the potatoes and onions, cut them into rounds, then place them in different bowls. Wash the beef and wipe it with an absorbent napkin. Step 2. Cut the meat into slices, as for schnitzels, and beat it with a hammer. You fit. In American culture, melted cheese steaks on top are very popular, especially in the form of a sandwich. Most of the time, a cheaper, more fibrous piece of beef is used, which is cut into small pieces. In the original version, the sandwich in question was invented in Philadelphia and is called Philly Cheesesteak. But in the last decade. His last meal included two cheese sandwiches, cottage cheese, a combination of polenta and corn, a slice of pear pie, chocolate ice cream and radish. (Wikipedia / Getty Images) His last meal consisted of steak, lobster, apple pie, vanilla ice cream and 7-Up juice, followed by a. Although Philadelphia natives strongly reject any combination of bread, steak, onion and cheese which does not involve the infamous Cheez Whiz (cream cheese spread), with a good Italian cheese, it is possible to prepare a perfect cheesesteak. Read on and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable sandwich

Appetizer muffins with salted cheese and green onions - muffins

The traditional meal for Easter is made up of Romanian Christians from: lamb stew, lamb soup, lamb steak, as sweets the cake is eaten with various fillings and Easter with cheese. Along with these dishes, red eggs are prepared. Popular tradition says that, at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God brought a basket of eggs that she wanted to give. With Philly Sandwich meat with beef steak and sweater. Gastronomnom June 7, 2020 June 7, 2020. by Gastronomnom June 7, 2020. In 31 US states and other places where the death sentence is legal, it is customary for convicted prisoners to receive one last special meal at their request. What culinary desires did some famous prisoners sentenced to death have? Find out right now! (Castle Rock Entertainment

Inspired - from somewhere else - by Philadelphia, where there is a similar dish called Philly Cheese Steak.(Translated word-for-word, Philadelphia Cheese Steak). Contains beef, red bell peppers and onions, hardened together on the stove using the grilled method, with melted cheese on top, with the addition of. - Cucumber with cream cheese - Crouton with eggplant cream - Spread with butter, salami and parmesan - Roll with cream cheese, Prague ham and red pepper - Skewers with cherry tomatoes / bocconcino / olives - Colored balls of gorgonzola cheese 2. chicken with noodles / Beef soup 3. Sarmale with polenta, ribs and.

When I say homemade cake, I don't think of anything other than a light and quick cake, with a fluffy and vanilla top, and some additions, usually seasonal fruit, as my mother used to do most often when I was a child..Sometimes the homemade cake had pieces of shit, dried fruit or chocolate and of course, but it was always powdered with. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook until almost set, but still brown on top, about 4 - 5 minutes. While cooking, preheat a skillet. 4 top with cheese and steak: Sprinkle Gruyere cheese over the eggs and put in the oven to boil until the cheese melts and browns again.

Easter Menu 2018. For Easter we try to fill the table with the tastiest goodies, either we respect the traditional cuisine, or we choose to prepare recipes from international cuisines. We are happy to offer you a complete list with many ideas for the Easter menu, from appetizers, to main courses, delicious side dishes and desserts. Look how easy you can prepare your lunch or dinner, with a baked pumpkin salad, step by step: Pumpkin, also known as pumpkin, is full of beta-carotene and glucose, and has many uses in natural medicine. Being very rich in minerals, especially zinc, the pumpkin is excellent. a meal made us venison chops, wild boar cauldron, mutton steak, cakes on the plate with salted cheese and pastrami, mushroom soup on which. Chicken with boiled barley, sauerkraut, tomato salad with cucumbers, oranges, Greek yogurt and pomegranate seeds . Mediterranean fish served with arugula, pasta with tomato sauce, salad, bread and grapes. Shrimp with black rice and vegetables, gazpacho, bell pepper salad, bread and orange. Steak, carrot, green beans, brie cheese.

Representatives of the Sweetgreen organization, which is actively fighting the fight against childhood obesity, decided to compare the meals that are served in American schools with the meals that are fed to children in other countries around the world to determine what the dangerous calculation error is. Every day, schools in America eat 32 million [. You can mix the filling with a whisk, knead it by hand or with a blender, if you have

Simple roast pork pork in Savori Urban oven

Bill will be present from Friday, April 12, 2019, until Sunday, April 14, 2019, on the plateau between BT Arena and Cluj Arena, during the Eat and Meet at Cluj-Napoca Marathon. We are waiting for you to try Philly Cheese Steak, Chili con carne or Chicken Quesadilla This year, the Winter Estates are celebrated on March 2nd. Saturday of the Dead - Winter Estates and is fixed the day before the Sunday of the Fearful Judgment when the meat is left dry. Prepare to honor the memory of your loved ones properly. We have prepared some recipes and a menu for Winter Estates

50 g butter flavored with garlic. 50 g grated cheese. 50 g lettuce. How to make chicken sticks. 1 Preheat the oven to 6/200 ° C. Combine chicken with grilled steak sauce Steak: Pork neck Chicken breast Peasant potatoes Assorted salad Buns Menu 3: 120 lei on Saturday, 90 lei on Sunday Cold snacks: Rustic salami Muscle fillets Ham roll with Russian salad Fans cheese Tomato stuffed with eggplant Bell pepper with cheese Pork meatballs Natural cucumbers Olives Chicken breast in. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. 4. Roasted Cocktail with Baked Potatoes RECIPE OF THE DAY: Beef steak with browned beet salad in dukkah Posted: Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:08 // Updated: Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:08 // Source : Dukkah is an Egyptian dish, which contains a mixture of herbs, legumes and spices, such as mint, salt, sesame, coriander and cumin, writes We prepare a sauce of 1/2 teaspoon with honey, salt, pepper , grated ginger (I had candied ginger and it was very good too), a cup of oil, juice of 1-2 oranges. Rub the chicken with the sauce, put it in the bowl that will go in the oven and pour the remaining sauce on top. Thus, we prepare it cold, until the next day

What can you do with a can of anchovies - Chili Peppe

Fluffy, with an intense cheese taste, the children also liked it. I have already made them several times, you will see that in some pictures they are double portion, we like them so much. The important ingredient is xanthan gum, the natural substance that binds gluten-free doughs. Cover and cook for 20-25 minutes. Remove the steak and let it cool a bit. Cut the steak into slices and place with the sauce in the pan in an ovenproof dish. Allow to brown for 10-15 minutes. Serve with puree (recipe here) or French fries (recipe here). Good appetite .

Baked lamb steak, marinated in yogurt with garlic, video recipe. Baked lamb steak, marinated in yogurt with garlic, video recipe. New Recipes Healthy Recipes Recipies Food Tattoos Jacque Pepin Romanian Food. The winners are asked to send us pictures of the prizes and then, with the prepared goodies, to enjoy together Chicken steak with garlic Gina Bradea, my favorite with a polenta and a little bellows cheese. Filiz Mustafa. July 27, 2019 at 9:16 PM Reply. Eggplant meatballs with tone Less than 2,000 years ago, lived a Greek-language writer who became famous in his day, whose name was Lucian of Samosata. Ironically, a demolition of myths, he says in his work True History, the following: My only witness is the lie. I will describe places I have not seen, adventures that have not been [

21 ways to start a classic Philly Cheesestea

Delicious and good-looking: Pork steak with potatoes. Baked potatoes stuffed with cheese and onions! A delicious snack. 8 meat tenderizing tricks for a delicious steak. Are you in a hurry? Cook spaghetti with cheese! Pork steak, good to lick your finger Delicious and good-looking: Pork steak with potatoes. Baked potatoes stuffed with cheese and onions! A delicious snack. Gratin Dauphinoise: the classic recipe for au gratin French fries. Pork steak, good to lick your finger I first prepared a cream cheese with greens as follows: I cut the onion and pepper and mixed them with fresh cheese, olive oil, spices, salt and pepper to taste. I added the grated Parmesan cheese and got an absolutely delicious cream cheese. Next, everything was like a child's play: Steakmuffled of pig - with onion and mustard, illustrated recipe with PICTURES. How to prepare a steak tasty stew? The article Steakmuffled of pig - with onion and mustard first appear in Recipes - Laura Laurențiu. Read the full article on! Read the recipe further: Recipes - Laura Laurenți

This is also because she posts pictures of her excess skin, along with the scars gained from weight loss, part of the process that people tend to omit. Over 70,000 people appreciated his video and continue to send messages of support and appreciation, while the number of views increases every minute Baked veal neck with potatoes, recipe explained in detail for a sensational tender steak and tasty. Try the article Baked veal neck with potatoes, a sensational tender and tasty steak appears for the first time Read the full article on! Read the recipe further: Laura Laurenți

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You can replace lamb with chicken, turkey, with any kind of meat you like. But the lamb is traditional on the Romanian Easter table. Theoretically, we should have lamb soup, lamb stew, baked lamb steak on the table. You can give up lamb meat for at least one dish, being very heavy. Cooking recipes with pictures. Spicy salad with sausages and mushrooms. SEPTEMBER 4, 2010. Ingredients: 500 g potatoes 300 g mushrooms (canned) 1 cucumber 100 g sausages 1 hot pepper 1 bunch dill 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 3 eggs 4-6 slices of salami with ham or parizer 1 tablespoon mayonnaise salad leaves. At 15.00 he eats his first meal: a vegetable soup with cheese, a salad with olives, green and red peppers, avocado and a piece of lamb steak or grilled fish. After lunch, eat blackberries and raspberries, seeds, and at dinner eat cauliflower puree, pea puree or boiled kale Lunch: a box of natural yogurt and 200 ml of orange juice. Dinner: a boiled egg (hard), 250 grams of cottage cheese and a lean carrot. Mayo Diet - Day V. Breakfast: a large grated carrot. Lunch: 250 grams of cod (boiled) with lemon juice and a teaspoon of butter. Dinner: 200 grams of beef steak and a grated celery

Roast pork on a platter in beer sauce

- The most expensive steak (I miss the name because the last time I visited they didn't even have it). It costs 270 lei, but it's worth every penny. I eat it well done. It's the best (and obviously the most expensive) on their menu. It comes on a wooden bottom with a portion of french fries next to it. More and more women are starting to use the hot air fryer, in which only a very small amount of oil is needed. It is practical, fast and especially dietary. But the fryer is not just for french fries or schnitzels. Here are other foods you can cook with it

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Chicken breast with blue cheese sauce and mushrooms Posted on 15/09/2019 by Lucian Gavrila. This gallery contains 1 photo. Searching the archives, I found some pictures of what I was doing in the kitchen about seven years ago. The quality of the pictures is not great, and the mis-en-place also leaves much to be desired (I hope not you. They are probably afraid of ever suffering from malnutrition. Over time, food becomes a substitute for sex. What good oral sex , 69, anal sex, sex more often than twice a month when rinsed with cheese and mushrooms, steak, low borscht, baking powdered sugar.Food offers pleasure.Like sex Recipes with pictures Mushroom meatballs with rice SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 Ingredients: 1 can of mushrooms 1-2 potatoes 2-3 tablespoons hours ..

Tasty pie with cottage cheese and cheese - A simple but very popular recipe. Recipe without baking, a delicacy - 4-layer cake. The tastiest pork steak, ready in half an hour - The cooking method is great They are planted, as usual, with one eye above the ground again. Baked pork steak Pork leg, wine, garlic, spices 2800 g 138.00 Lei. Sweet cheese pie Cows' cheese, flour, margarine, eggs, caster sugar, vanilla sugar, raisins, powdered sugar 2000 g I'm sorry I can't add pictures or a video showing how the order arrived, how could be prepared. . Lunch: Tomato soup, two peppers stuffed with rice, seasoned with low-fat yogurt and greens. Dinner: Baked peppers (maximum 3) with grilled chicken or beef. Breakfast: Bell pepper salad, 200 g lean ham (chicken or. Repeat the process with the remaining egg whites. Add to the soufflé bowl, sprinkle with grated cheese and breadcrumbs. 6. Cook the soufflé at 176 degrees Celsius, for 35- 40 minutes or until the top swells and the center looks cooked, allow to cool for 15 minutes before serving Read also: Potato soufflé

EASTER TRADITIONS. - Who you collide the painted eggs with on Easter, you will meet in the other world. red egg- If you keep a red egg 40 days after Easter and it does not spoil, you will be lucky all year round. - For Easter, a piece of iron was placed under the threshold, as a protection for the house. EASTER TRADITIONS He later introduced us to the menu options of that evening: polenta with cheese and cream or bulz. Here I have to make a parenthesis. About two days earlier, my husband had ordered a bulz from a popular restaurant: a polenta nest with bellows cheese and pieces of kaizer, served with fried egg and cream. Remove the dough and divide it into pieces of 65-70 grams. Grease a wooden bottom with oil. Roll out each piece into rectangles about 15 cm long. Each rectangle should be greased with plenty of butter / margarine. It is packed in 3 on. 1) Barbeque powder for pork steak is worth a try (even if you make grilled chicken, pork is better). Some prefer them 100% natural, others lick their fingers afterwards with powder. 2) red wine with cold pepsi rulz. I was going to forget, the new pictures. Here is the resistance piece of the flambéed New Year's Eve pheasant menu.

chicken (we use organic from Edenia, Poulet Jaune tells him, it's clean and tasty, I cut it into lower, upper thighs and two large pieces of breast, with bone and skin). 15-20 pitted olives For garnish, go rice, puree, pasta, polenta. I chose fluffy mashed potatoes, I was dying of appetite. Prepare the flavored garlic sauce: grind the garlic, rub with a little oil, then dilute with a glass of wine. Then add the spices

An Olympic student diagnosed with a rampant form of cancer urgently needs 80,000 euros. It is the Olympics of his life, from which he must emerge victorious 3 days ago. An English teacher is said to have been disciplined because she taught a third-grade student a lesson in which she used the word foot. Metabolic diet. Day 2. Breakfast: a cup of black coffee with a sugar cube. Lunch: 200 gr ham and a yogurt Dinner: 200 gr steak, no fat, a vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil and lemon

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It is made from meat stuffed with kajmak and bacon, fried in a pan, served with tartar sauce, being in fact an original version of cordon bleu. Burek are pies with different fillings - meat, cheese, spinach, apples, etc. Ćevapi (Ћевапи) - mititei usually served 5 or 10 pieces each) Pečenje (печење) - steak. Steak preparation Chicken wings and cups are massaged with lemon juice and seasoned with cumin, crushed coriander, pepper, lemon peel, oregano leaves and salt. Place in a tray lined with baking paper and bake at 180 degrees until nicely browned, 45-50 minutes.

Pictures: plate, food, vegetables and fruits, eat, fast

For the next days we prepare cauliflower bread, broccoli bread, pilaf. with mushrooms, baked chicken liver, polenta with cheese, sour cream and scrambled eggs, peas, pork meatballs, sarmale, french fries, moussaka.You can order them at 0752.318.914 where you can also order meats, sausages and cakes. Meat soup and pork steak with spinach garnish. There are only two dishes that should not be missing from the Transylvanian tables. At Christmas, in the households that respect with sanctity the ancient culinary traditions, the meatball soup, which is known under here, is not missing from the holiday table.

A pi a colada can range from 245-490 calories, a daiquiri from 300-800 calories and a Long Island glacial tea can set you 520 calories or more - with a lot of sugar. Instead of high-calorie drinks, try wine, a spritzer of wine or a mixed drink with seltzer and a drop of 100% fruit juice. For most Romanians, if you say Easter meal, you must say lamb steak. Before meeting the oven, the lamb must be cooled in the stain (or marinade, as they say in some places). Here is the recipe Recipes with pictures Florentine chops JUNE 17, 2015 Florentine chops from: veal chop, olive oil, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 700 g veal chop olive oil salt pepper Preparation: For this delicious Florentine steak, it is recommended to use only veal (the chop should also have fillet I chose to make ravioli with cottage cheese, mixed with garlic , fresh spinach and basil.A very tasty and good filling was received.We served ravioli with an equally fresh and tasty tomato sauce.In short, I can tell you that the effort was fully worth it! Dough ingredients: 3 eggs 9 tablespoons flour (topped

Oana's kitchen

  • mashed (white corn)
  • a few onions
  • carrot
  • a red ardel
  • smoking, I put kaizer
  • oil or fat
  • a few jumari, if you have one
  • spices (salt, pepper, paprika, coriander)
  • I also added a little greenery (dill, parsley)
  • Tomato juice
  • vine leaves
  • sour cabbage


A prize is waiting for you at my place!

indeed, Sarmalele cu Päsat are mega delicious.
As long as I lived in Romania, I didn't eat or I don't remember, but here I do something like that and I am insane.
They are much better than the ones with Rice. They worked out very well for you.
And you did them in two ways. Wonderful !!

I haven't eaten stuffed cabbage rolls, but they are very interesting. I don't do too much work with them too often (LOL). Christmas for sure.

Hi Jacob. It's my first time making sarmale with pasta but I like it more than the one with rice. so it repeats itself!

Laura, you have to try them, and you will definitely like them.

I'm glad you put this recipe. I also got groats - of which I have so far only made polenta - and I was planning to make sarmale, but here you have taken it before me. I will also be inspired by your recipe.

o Idea from me still for Päsat.
Used as a Bulgur for Salads or Garnishes. It's wonderful.
I can't afford such a thing because I can hardly get it, yes, it's not a problem for you.

Hi. Finally, someone makes sarmale with pasta. My in-laws made such sarmale (not at all from BIHOR). I, from Banat, was super-mega-delighted with stuffed and smoked sarmales. They died about 5 years ago and no one made sarmale. So I started looking for recipes and made it once - a big pot full of eyes. They didn't come out like theirs but they did "quotmers". In the middle of the pot I put a smoked pork ear and a piece of ciolan. What else to comment, very good. After Easter I will do it again. Thanks for the recipe. I'll let you know if they turned out well. Thanks. Greetings from TImisoara. dantesque

Green flag

I recently saw a rather impressive documentary about the history of the monarchy in Romania, its sunset and the return of King Mihai to the country after 1990. The film made by director Sorin Ilieșiu in 1992 appeared netam-nisam on the TV channel of communists, Antena 3, doctrinaire enemies declared of the monarchy, from their appearance until now. The communist bitches, led by Felix the cat, ended up laughing at the turkeys: they kissed the king somewhere because that's how they can attack Băsescu.

Respectable antenna speakers. Your permanent nonsense in which you say the word & # 8216Băsescu & # 8217 at least 5 times a minute has ridiculed the very idea of ​​opposition that you are trying to make. In the last years, every time the zapping leads me on the paths of the antennas, I hear the name of Zeus so often that I feel sick. If a simple man like me or anyone who sees the same people at the tumbler obsessed for years with the same subject, Băsescu is bad, Băsescu is bad, Băsescu is bad, etc & # 8230 times he gets angry and votes for the sailor in a spirit of contradiction, he or she begins to question whether you are normal at the end and further doubts the integrity of your message. Not all Romanians are as easy to hypnotize as your lords think. In fact, my personal opinion, which obviously no one asked me for, is that the vast majority of Romanians have their heads on their shoulders. Maybe even 2-3 gypsies.

Returning to the documentary, I tried to see it clean again, without the news strip at the bottom of the screen and I discovered that Sorin Ilieșiu released it on television, including online, so after I spotted it on the internet I had the audacity to I publish it here too. Enjoy.

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& # 8222Without faith and the Church, man remains a simple rational and mortal animal & # 8221
The church, religions are those that have kept and maintained man in the stage of animality and even subanimalism. Rationalism is the prerogative of liberation from fear and superstition, the path to humanism and prosperity and general social justice.
Faith in oneself, in others, faith in the good, they must guide any person and not faith in the phantasmagorias and the church, the most criminal institution ever on earth.

Read the most relevant articles about Monarchy, on the pages:
& # 8222The Novel of the Novel and the Rationalization of the Ruler & # 8221 (Tashy's Page)
& # 8222Monarhia in Romania & # 8221 (Ziarul vestul)
& # 8222What advantages would the Romanians have if the Monarchy returned & # 8221 (diaonline)
& # 8222Monarchy in Romania & # 8221 (Agora Ideilor)
& # 8222Cronica Romania de Azi & # 8221 (page Mircea Batranu)

Jalnica! Of course, if we are guided by most Romanian media and
the international one (which still pays our attention) as well as the number
of departures from the country of Romanian citizens, the number of serious crimes
committed in the country and abroad, by some of them, the number of people
homeless, the number of "bad payers", the number of suicides and the increase
the number of patients affected by social diseases (TB, chronic alcoholism, etc.)
failure to enter one European structure and other loans
billions that seal the enslavement of the population for decades to come,
as well as other government "actions and activities", which bury even more
deep country in problems that for such a country, should not have
to hear about them.
Otherwise, things seem to be going well in Romania, if we are guided by it
fatigue, even the stagnation of civil society in (more) struggle with
the dragon-government that "would" have led to those listed above, and the exit from
this apathy only when it is rumored an increase in prices or
cuts in salaries and pensions (usually when a certain group would be affected
social with a higher status, otherwise no one cares about rights
others especially when these groups are “from below”), and after receiving
to the mioritic ossicle, the respective "masses" calm down for a few others
good months.

And things seem to be going really well in Romania, if we
we are guided by the noisy laughter of the head of state and the periodic assurances
of PM and endowed puppets (or job description), as in our country
everything is fine "," we are not in crisis ", but" we have mechanisms to avoid it ",
Democracy works as if it were anointed with musk oil, even
The king was given the right to speak in parliament, though
from a technical point of view and of the operating regulations, ie
the legal aspect should not have had this right but just as true
it is -and even more technical but chosen even more legally-
that the current parliament is itself illegal and twice more: once
because it is an extra parliament, as long as
The country's former parliament was dissolved by order, and two, it is illegal by
the activity it carries out, anti-Romanian activity and -in general-
anti-humanitarian. So from a moral but also legal point of view, the King has
the right to have a say, and the current government and Romanian politicians do not
I think they have too much to fear from the King's speech, which no matter how
realistic and sharp for the political class, it comes too late
Romanian woman is deeply tired and looking for rest, working hard
and anything, in other lands, the interest for one's own country, is an article
obsolete and on the verge of exhaustion. What
it could be even worse, it could be a royal speech lowered to the level
last of the political chessboard, ie an extremely general discourse and with
patriotic, full of banalities and platitudes about love of country and
fear of God, and this only so as not to upset those who
-in the end- they accepted this approach, and to try to be a bit
to the heart of the Christian people, while -the first- will try to be right
polite, that is, silent and pretending to listen to interested neutral speech,
of the king. Even "better" would be for the king to start from the beginning with
the request for a "national prayer" and references to "ancestral faith",
which, it is hoped, will solve the country's huge and chronic problems.
Or the King can come up with who knows what solutions willfully and obviously impossible,
as long as he is very old and especially the prisoner of his son-in-law,
put on the head and glorification at any cost, its purpose being disavowal
the idea of ​​Monarchy. the price doesn't matter, even if it will be the price of the whole country!

And yet, although we are no more. in the messianic times, full of miracles, they
such a thing can happen (that is, a miracle), maybe
pierced by pressed truths and pierced by remorse,
Romanian parliamentarians will admit that they are for the most part
responsible for the country's disaster, they will put ashes on their heads, that is
they will resign, leaving others to think about the destinies of a nation.
However, I have extremely deep doubts that such a thing would be possible. May be
but that the impoverished population will understand something of the discourse
The king will ask for a return to the monarchical system, but also this
seems to be an illusion, because it took the King over 60 years to
to reach the hearts of the Romanians (and still barely reached a quarter of them),
although he should and could have done it thousands of times before and the same
the serious thing is that the population has reached that general state of lehamite
from which one can only get out through a serious shock, which
shakes the whole society, from the ground up.

In fact, if the system of government is the foundation of a society,
then for the Romans this foundation is rotten, corrupt, vicious fish
the measure and the only solution is to completely change it
fundament. But the massive degree of entanglements and quarrels of all kinds
the entire Romanian society (but especially in the political sphere),
make this change impossible through revolution or popular revolt,
the only way with a high guarantee of success is the intervention in
force of the Army, Police and Secret Services, force intervention, cold
and decisive, by which all government leaders must be arrested again
power must be taken over by the Army & ampcomp., at least for 6 months, time
enough to start the reforms of economic recovery and time
necessary to publicly debate the parallel between the Monarchy and the republic
and to hold a plebiscite to make a democratic decision, in
this issue.

Maybe (according to some analysts) that the country is under the bad influence of some
curse, which requires the construction of another 5-6 thousand churches and
hiring another 10-15 thousand priests, so the "fog of priests" will double
as a number, compared to the country's army) or perhaps as one of the anthems
homeland ("Wake up Romanians"!) to be changed -according to reality- with
"Eternal Remembrance", of course after the multi-confessional clergy
attribute a serious increase to pay (if not demanded too much, it would be
wanted this increase to be directly in euros or dollars!) For the second
hymn is simpler, we just make a "slight" change as we go
cadence (as the song sounds: “Two steps forward and eight steps back,
That's the game, here!):
"There are three more women in the world
One screams, another in a beard with foam,
And the third, their mosh,
The old fox!
He's barely pulling his leg,
All three of you, damn it! ”

# U R A N U Son 20 Mar 2012 at 01:50

It is obvious that neither the planned (or spontaneous) and false government cosmetics do not deceive even the country's population, as evidenced by opinion polls in the country, along with many desperate actions of citizens (such as leaving the country, en masse, at any risk), but and of some political individuals who either withdraw completely from "business", or jump into the cart of other political formations, either for fear of being caught - in "popular judgment" - with the current national destroyers, or hoping that in the new formation they the traces of the lambs swallowed without a receipt will be erased, and thus they will be able to continue to give yam through the national flock, without paying, for the apocalyptic destructions committed. Return Point (comparable to the Syrian one, the latter armed, however) in which the only chance of survival of these chameleon chambers and perfectly interchangeable, remains the application of the saying "which on which", ie sin their mouth the chance of survival (especially politics), is only one, namely the total kneeling of civil society and security and defense structures, which unfortunately, up to this point seem to be quite obedient to the explicit or tacit message of government (which is actually a quasi-false lie that "we are all in the same boat", so let's stand united against the people, the masses who "do not know what is good for them"), although there are some signs that in these structures there are groups that I oppose this purely Romanian style of administering-to the Romanians-democracy, as the case may be, either with a teaspoon, or with a lion's purse or bag, or even with a trailer!
The problem that Romania has reached and is facing as a country, as a state but also every individual citizen (especially gone abroad permanently or temporarily) is one of horrible image, no differentiation between the country, people, government and those caught stealing, stealing or begging, and this is due in proportion to over 90% to post-December governments. Finally - but not in the end - Romania became the pariah of Europe and even on other continents where the Romanians arrived, obviously not those with the best intentions.
However, even if the state of the country is catastrophic, it can be rotated 180 degrees, because it is not a natural state but is man-made, and committed absolutely from within, and the most appropriate action to end this state of affairs, lies in the elimination from any position of these individuals who "lead" the country, and from this point it will be relatively simple to restore economic and social relations, severely damaged in the last 60 years.
And in this great and extreme action, the most important thing "after" is the introduction in Romania of a system of social justice, ie of a real economic equity, from which all other aspects of any society start, ie ensuring equal opportunities for anyone. citizen and -here and now- any young person aged 17 -18 years, regardless of what and / or how much he inherits from parents or relatives, regardless of luck and individual performance, which along the way - inevitably - will make natural differences and inherent in any social evolution. This is the primary obligation of a society that wants to be considered human, the universal assurance of the conditions of a real start, for absolutely anyone who reaches the age of beginning life at their own expense.And this can no longer be represented by snoring legislation full of boastful "humanism" (in fact, politico-social pranks) but must be supported by an income (even minimal), guaranteed to any Romanian citizen, whether male or female, or that he is of one ethnicity or another and of any other group, whether he is perfectly healthy or with any disability, whether he is a general or a soldier on time, a company director or night watchman, a university rector or a 17-year-old child who has given up school, finally, regardless of status, any Romanian citizen has the right to automatically enter at the age of 17 (and over) - by law - in possession of a means of production, which will instantly guarantee a minimum income (in the worse situation), and with which, at 18 years of age (legal age of majority), together with his friend, spouse, partner (generically speaking) or alone, he can join the members of the responsible society, with his forehead up and not humiliated and anxious that he cannot have oc thus, a car and everything else, for the major reason that it does not have a guaranteed income, which -is obvious- happens with mathematical precision in times of crisis, in all countries, and in Romania, regardless of the circumstances.
Going back to the "beginnings of the world" (and we should know this very well by praising ourselves as Christians, that is, "the salt and light of the world") we note that God has often said that "the earth is mine." , so it belongs to him, and man has only come from the earth and will return to the earth (extremely true!), and many times we have biblical examples in which -at God's command- rich people (with a lot of earth, usually) ” they sold their estates ”and did charitable deeds to those in need. especially when others live in poverty or even starve. Another more particular aspect for Romania (but valid for a dozen other countries), is the excellent balance between arable land (and as another plus, the survival of several million hectares of pastures and meadows, water luster and underground riches still reasonable) population density, which make Romania have the chance to be among the most balanced countries in the world, especially in terms of individual prosperity (from where, as I said, derives all other aspects of any society).
Therefore, after a pertinent analysis and calculations, we came to the conclusion that this means of production and subsistence and that must be provided to any person, IS THE EARTH, which at this time was stolen (again and through various tricks) by those at the top. the former communist society, which clashed with its predecessors, those of the bourgeois-landlord era and who, through this act, enslaved -now- millions of Romanians.
As a historical reference, we know that revolutions have brought some improvement in relations in human society, but because every hundred years (or even less) a "new revolution" was needed (1848, 1947, 1989), it is shown. that society has not been placed on the normal path of human society, as are placed (approximately) European monarchies, where there is room for better, but the populations are so satisfied with the current statusuk, that they no longer think of improvements! Understandably, but as I reiterated, Romania has the chance to become one of the most prosperous nations on earth overnight (not a style figure) and to become a role model for other countries with similar possibilities.
To get to this point, however, we need something called HUMAN SOLIDARITY, an exceptional national will, even if initially many will not agree with this project, feeling "stolen", although in the majority, they are the ones who they stole and destroyed the country. Here is the detail to be executed, undertaken, as soon as possible:
1) NATIONALIZATION OF THE ENTIRE LAND OF THE COUNTRY FOR ONE HOUR AND IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION, to the entire population that turns 17 on that day and over this age, of one ha. of land / person, in the areas with land of category I), 1.1 ha / person in the areas of category II) and 1.2 ha / person, in the areas of category III. This land is not distributed physically (and specifically) but only as a certificate of ownership, rounded to the most -current- appropriate farm, and from that moment, each person will receive (biannually or quarterly) a (large) part of the net income (profit) of that hectare of land, whether that person participates in the work or not, the distribution of income being still made according to this participation in the work, or not. The land (the respective hectare) cannot be sold, cannot be bought, cannot be rented ( than according to the current law), is not transferable or object of inheritance (with one exception), but will be the property of that person, from the age of 17, until he gives his end to the community retirement period), regardless of when, at 30, 60 or 10 0 years +, during which time every citizen will benefit equitably from the usufruct of this natural means of production, according to the current law, but regardless of its social status (farm operator of ten thousand ha., Or daily worker at that adventurous farm or the more devoted worker employed by an electronics company or held in prison for 20 years, etc.). A clarification becomes necessary, namely regarding foreign persons and companies owning land, they will automatically enter the same mode of operation, the turning into a concession for a period of 99 years, and for those who want to concession land, from now on, this will be done only for 50 years, with the right to multiple renewals of the contract.
In practice we will have 3 categories of owners, namely:
a) (PLAN -A), individuals who do not participate in the work of this hectare, so “zero” work hours, but who will receive 35% of the net income (profit) of the respective hectare, and if the year was good, they will be entitled to a maximum bonus of a MINIMUM salary per economy. Most likely, this category will include enough (but not most) those with good jobs who make money from their (and / or partner's) salaries, and anyone with adjacent income (from parents, or any other source). ) but also those who do not want to work, prostitutes, fish, and anyone else who manages, in addition to this minimum income,
b) (PLAN-B) will include individuals who are interested (or obliged) to make more money, but they will have to perform (throughout the year) 200 (two hundred) hours of work, for which they will receive 55% of the income net of that hectare, and if the year is good, they will be entitled - as a bonus - to two AVERAGE salaries, per economy, because he / she also made a direct contribution to this success, through quality work and at time.
c) (PLAN -C) also includes workers employed anywhere in the economy, and who will have to work 450 hours / year in their free time, and they will receive 75% of the net income of their hectare and will be entitled to three AVERAGE wages per economy, if the year was more than satisfactory.

3) this system comes to solve totally and difficult and expensive problem of unemployment, which burdens fantastically on society and especially in times of crisis. In this project, unemployment will be granted for one year (with the necessary extensions) and will pay 80% of the average amount for a previous period, according to international standards, and the unemployed will also enter into one of these plans, as follows:
PLAN -A, in which the unemployed person "stays at home", he will receive -from the state- the difference up to 80% of the salary (as he deserves), after the value of the guaranteed minimum income has been reduced, by 35%, over which the eventual bonus will be added, without any penalty. Specifically, (we work with round figures) if a ha. of land will bring a net income of 10 thousand UM, the respective unemployed will receive 3,500 UM (35%).
If he had a "grandfather" salary - say - 12 thousand / year, it turns out that he will have to receive (80%) 9,600 UM from which we deduct the guaranteed income of 3,500, which means that the unemployment agency (ie the entire the company, through this representative) will pay only 6,100, to that unemployed person - who is actually staying at home, and if the year was good - in the end he will receive that extra salary, which will mean that - in total - he will earn a few percent more unless he had received only unemployment benefits, and this while the state (society) saves over 20% of what it would owe to the unemployed. This category will include those with high salaries but especially very high (for which 80% is a serious income) or whose spouse is still employed and with a good salary, however, it can be assumed that this category will be the lowest numerically (about 10% of the total unemployed), even in view of the fact as usual, they lose their jobs to the “Peacock mites” and not to the good wings.
PLAN -B, This group will include those with wages "down", but those who are determined to prosper, or who for any other reason, will choose this plan. They will receive 55% of the net income of that hectare if they provides 250 hours of work / year, over which will be added the eventual bonus -two average salaries per economy- (conditioned by results) and unconditionally, the respective unemployed-agricultural worker, will receive a price reduction of 25%, to 4 food products base (meat, milk, etc., eggs and vegetables such as fruits and vegetables) if you buy them rhythmically and only directly from the production unit to which the farm is affiliated (slaughterhouse, dairy factory), and vegetables directly from the farm (The allowed quantities are for one person and in accordance with the suggestions of the WHO). unemployment benefit, and in this case the original salary is is lower, of 9 thousand / year, which means an unemployment benefit of only 1,700 (80% represents 7,000-5,500 = 1,700), ie the state (society) will save over 75% (. ) / person, from his financial obligation, while the unemployed person will work only 250 hours / year, but in the end he will earn the salary (almost) in full, as if he were still working full-time, at the place or work. Also, their percentage will amount to 40% of the total unemployed.
PLAN-C, represents the sublime of an exceptional organization, which in absolutely all directions will bring only satisfaction and benefits! This will include those with low incomes (somewhat forced by circumstances, therefore) and those who -for one reason or another- will to prosper quickly, through work. They will receive 75% of the net income of the respective hectare, for a work benefit of only 500 hours / year, at which they can receive - as a bonus - 3 average salaries per economy, and unconditionally, they will receive a 50% discount on the 4 food products mentioned, under the same conditions. Here will be included at least 50% of the total unemployed, which - will be seen immediately - amply demonstrates that in such an organization it is very good to become unemployed! Both for him / her and for the whole society, a charity that will affect themselves once again. So a worker with a salary of 7 thousand / year (from this group), will have to receive 80% of these 7 thousand, ie 5,600, but through this work performance of 500 hours / year, he will receive as remuneration from the farm 7,500 UM, which cancels the obligation of the state to pay unemployment benefits, and by reducing the respective prices (per day totals 600 UM) will earn more than the original salary, much more than unemployment benefits! So an unskilled worker who has become unemployed will exceed - through this system - his salary as a full-time worker (minimum 2 thousand hours / year) by at least one thousand UM, working even less than 1/3, compared to his place initial work, from the factory, etc.! plan B. (to emphasize, these hours will not be provided "at will" but "as needed" ie at the discretion of the farm operator, who knows when he will need extra labor, a request he will make in advance and planned)
And in total the situation looks as follows, taking into account the real unemployment rate of 6% (at a workforce of about 10 million), ie 6 hundred thousand unemployed, which are distributed in Plan A 10%, in Plan B 40% and in Plan C, 50%, to which in the annual system the state (society) pays -to stay at home- 7,440 Um / year and person, the average amount, but which for most is minimal and never enough to meet basic needs, overall this amount is a huge amount (in any circumstances) namely approx. 4,200,000,000 (4.2 billion), while through this program (simply, humanitarian but also efficient, rationally) unemployment benefits will be only 3 billion spheres, ie the state saves over 75%. to which must be added the savings obtained by the drastic decrease of the workers in the unemployment offices as well as of the adjacent social workers, because the real unemployment, in these conditions - will never exceed 1%!
As it is probably noted, this project aims to stimulate - by cash payment but also other benefits - the unemployed individual, who if he enrolls in the maximum reward plan (Plan -C), practically earns more than if he had worked at the place original work, and if we refer to the hour of work / salary, it is obvious that he-practically- earns three times, in this new job, temporarily, and working only 500 hours / year! only purely economical, the system immediately and permanently offers a valve, a decent way of refuge, through which the individual can keep his monthly income intact, not being forced to resort to all sorts of traumatic records to survive. Moreover, the unskilled worker or anyway - with gloomy prospects in an industry with too many unevenness (including through overproduction) maybe you will find the word that rooting in this "new branch", economic, urban agriculture, almost the only one that does not make unemployed, and which in this model, brings money benefits and personal satisfaction. This type of "urban agriculture" has been practiced for hundreds of years, even in cities of over one million inhabitants, and this does not mean that agriculture will be dragged among blocks, but as in the middle of ten thousand ha. a small town will be built that will have all the facilities of a metropolis like New York, Toronto, Paris, London, etc.
Another part of this gigantic plan refers to the construction of at least one million “Miraj” type farms, which will necessarily be mixed, will be arranged on both sides of the current asphalt roads and of the future, as well as of the future highways. , on one or several rows, farms that will be totally energy independent, ultra-ecological, extremely productive and very profitable, all these characteristics coming from the initial construction and arrangement, which takes into account all the details, including the farm couple's house, a fortress house (as resistance) but on the outside with any desired architecture, and at an unbeatable price. In these farms, starting with the second year of operation, the use of synthetic fertilizers ("chemicals") will be reduced by up to 70%, entering the practice current very old daily use of natural fertilizers, processed and ennobled through a completely original system, which will lead to increased competitiveness on the international market where a trend has been created, a demand for ecological, healthy, "organic" products, finally, as naturally obtained as possible *. These economic micro-units will incorporate 2 million adults, which is satisfactory for Romanian agriculture and economy. second row ”will be the big farms where those from Miraj farms will be able to work (3-4 hours / day), those who have become unemployed and anyone else who wants to work and make a living. Some of these farms (in time, all) will be designed and function for the project "Millionaires", about which I wrote before, and where -a couple- after about 5 years can have an income of approx. 1/2 million, the one that paves the way to become a true millionaire. only with the eventual economy of over 3 billion (obtained as in the presentation above) can be built approx. 20 thousand farms annually, ie 20 / county, if we reduce to normal, to 10, the number of these administrative units, currently extremely budget-consuming, and if the company will make a small effort **, (paid to the last leu to the individual willing to provide a quality work), you can build even a few thousand good farms / counties, it starts to seem that the construction capacity becomes a problem, because you will need a massive workforce as well as construction materials (some unconventional) , equipment and machinery (some totally new as a concept), an action that will "hit" in almost all industries and services in the country.
These farms will be intended primarily for young couples who want to work in an industrialized and clean agriculture (farmers "in butterfly"), couples without income (from parents) and who are guaranteed (through work of 4 / hours / day and person) an income of at least 1.8 average salaries / economy (o, 9 / person) income that can be amplified by another 3-4 hours of work, anywhere. Then couples with a single employee and salary will be preferred small, and -phase- until it reaches those who have -both- jobs, but want to make money quickly, or even as a hobby, but a hobby that automatically brings significant income! Calculations show that such a farm of 2 ha, if it is exploited "a la carte", it can bring a net income of at least 25 thousand / year, to which is added a big plus, namely the food supply of basic products, for free, which will allow massive savings, a couple in this position can become real millionaire in less than 15 years! (Some even exclaimed in despair: "15 years. It's getting better with furriers and others who give us" golden wool ", ie 20 thousand euros, overnight!). Through this model, a young couple, 18 years, who works at least another 3 hours / day (anywhere) can get an income of at least 3 average salaries / economy, (economically maximum) which guarantees 1/2 million, before the 30th anniversary!
A very important aspect of this enterprise is the "key" "mixed farm", which must be a legal obligation, as it is known that on 2 ha.of tomatoes (tomatoes), strawberries or melons, you can "hit" in one summer, you can even become a millionaire, but the duty and obligation (and even the interest if you think logically) of all is to create and have a market abundance in summer and winter, with all food products, at the lowest possible prices and as fluctuating as possible, and in these conditions (mixed farm) the farming couple will have a constant progress in prosperity, even if slow, and very important, without stress, because the land is offered for free and the house, car and machinery and equipment will be paid for 30 years, with a minimum interest (less than 3%) and an annual rate not to exceed 20% of income total, net, of the two. And in this way, each unit can be reasonably charged, which will lead to a balance of the state budget, the fragmentation of the land is no longer a reason for its non-work, now-on-the-contrary in this model, will there are extractions to obtain such a farm, ”at ch eie ”. In this model, the garden, the big bringer of big profit and immediately (in 3 summer months) will not exceed 10% of the total farm (7-8% of the real available) that is not more than 2 thousand sqm, the which, however, will be able to guarantee an income of 20 thousand / year, (including in conditions of repeated hail and other natural disasters, for the garden), income through which the two subsidize their own animal production, which-in general- is subsidized by state, because -as mentioned above- it is easy to make a million with 2-3 preferential crops, but to maintain a liter of milk (final price, in stores) at one UM / liter, and in sufficient quantities ( if not abundant), that subsidy is needed, the cost price of animal products is much higher. And this subsidy is practiced by any country, government, whether it is recognized or not.
In this economic-social model, subsidies will decrease a lot, and if someone believes that this is the apogee of the welfare state, he is wrong, it is exactly the opposite, the whole population will be on its own feet, and the state will have the opportunity to work strongly. a universal health system and in several other issues of national interest.
At the same time, starting with the current year, each young person (aged 17 and 1/2 years) will have the opportunity to buy a car (small, new or used), by drafting a law that gives the right these young people to drive from 17 and 1/2 years, the first 3 months in the company of an adult with insurance, and after a few years of monitoring, if the test is positive, the driving age will decrease to 17 years. The problem that arises is that in Romania most of these young people are poor and there is no question of buying a car, that law must stipulate that any young person who will prove that he has paid taxes (so he started working, under 20 hours / week) starting from the age of 16, will be guaranteed for a loan with low interest (under 5%) and a term of over 5 years, in order to be able to purchase the cheapest Romanian car, or one foreign, (new or second-hand) but in the financial scale offered. In this context, a young man and his girlfriend (who intends to be together) will be able to buy a car and rent a house or apartment, especially because at 18 they will receive the first guaranteed minimum income, which can be (cumulated) as a good salary, but can be as many as 7 average salaries per economy, if the two are "allowed" (ie have the determination) to provide the necessary working hours to receive 75% of the net income per ha., and if the year was good, pl us the few salaries, as a bonus. In this last circumstance, no one can complain that he does not have a good start, and this is the best model to level - part - of the social gaps, extreme in Romania.
Moreover, in order to give these young people a real sense of respect, human dignity and desired and obtained prosperity, any young person who has reached the age of 18, will receive from the state (in fact he is a natural dividend) a certain weight -standard- gold (even only 14 K), as needed to make a desired jewelry, those will pay only labor (this measure is not established retroactively).
These points are only parts of the plans to restore the Romanian economy, through which society can reform itself, and this by reducing economic differences between classes, between individuals, Romania having special capabilities to ensure every citizen with a standard of living much higher than from now.
1) The figures used may not be very close to the current reality, but the ratios remain, and in any circumstance (which is the most important) each citizen will have a guaranteed minimum income. It is very possible and probable that in a standard operation (at this date it would be exceptional) the net income on such a farm (Miraj type) to exceed 50 thousand / year and it is possible and even probable that after the first year of operation general (multiproduction) practice to show that the guaranteed minimum income will be raised to 40%, respectively 60 and 80%, which will facilitate the acceleration and achievement (and exceeding) of Western European and American (Australian, etc.) prosperity standards, perfectly valid and rational aspiration, in Romanians.
2) This project should be very attractive for all young people in the country, so I ask those interested and willing (special appeal for all high school and college teachers as well as for students reading this article) to print this project and disseminate it at all levels of education, starting with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of high school, this project, once applied, will certainly solve not only the economic problem, but will also solve the demographic one, young people having all the motivations not to he's leaving the country.
* a) systematization, organization and planning remain the first and most important step in economic success, on such a scale.
b) due to the current situation these microfarms cannot enter the maximum mixed production capacity in the first year, but-paradoxically- in this first year, the farm will bring the highest possible income in the entire (future) history, and this is due to the fact that in the first year it will be allowed (by the nature of the situation) that the surface used for the garden is even 1 ha., which will bring a net profit of- mini-minimorum- one hundred thousand, the owner's obligation being to reimburse at least 75% on account of the farm price, which will practically bring it closer for many years to the status of owner and right and in fact, because it can be appreciated that if approx. 1/2 of the price is paid in the first year, the rest can be paid in less than 15 years, in this way the owner saving money by paying a halved interest, and-on the whole- the company will have money (money) available (so it will not have to print new money and induce inflationary risk), which will be recirculated in new investments of this kind, until reaching a saturation. Another legal stipulation, will allow the owner to pay as much as he wants (over the 20% of the net income) without being penalized, which creates another facility to reach faster the status of full owner.
** this "small effort" must be the tension of the popular will and the exert of enormous pressure on justice, in order to recover (in the worst case) 60-70 billion euros, stolen by the political class, past and present, directly or / and through political clients, and who, as I said before, in the first instance, this attempt must be made by elaborating a national amnesty, in which those who become rich through fraud, (ie over 90% of the country's rich) to submit the most much of this wealth stolen, on behalf of the National Reconstruction Fund, (taken over - as an idea - by the EU as a European Fund), each of which will still remain with a maximum of 2.5 million, because the general interest of society through this act, is not to impoverish someone and redistribute wealth as such, but is to make as many real millionaires as possible and decently enrich the entire population, on a fair, honest basis, and this will only be achieved by creating the right framework, that is, o equal starting opportunities and ensuring a solid financial base, for any citizen, starting with the age of 17. In the same context, it must be emphasized how absurd it is and outside any economic order, for a country of size and with Romania's resources, to export goods worth approx. 52 billion euros, but to import worth over 64 billion, as if Romania were a financial sanctuary and we allow ourselves to spend like nababs, and not as it really is, invaded by all sorts of (even dubious) banks that manipulate many aspects of the Romanian economy, and this import / export gap, accentuates, increases the external debt and constantly burdens the population as well, it is absurd for a country of 18 million souls and -again- with such resources, to have (internal) expenses of over 61 billion, while the budget (total revenue, in fact) accumulates only 51 billion, a clear demonstration of a terribly hypertrophied and inefficient government, doubled by unprecedented corruption and an excellent system to be developed, looting the population and plundering national wealth.
Returning, with these minimum 50 billion recovered, it is obvious that this project has a funding base secured for many years and on a much higher scale, and at the same time many other large-scale projects can be launched, such as raising of a new capital (the Terra Nova or Nova Alba project) which could constitute - morally and psychologically - the real rupture of the current regime-communist-imperialist (internal) as well as of the old regimes, the communist and the bourgeois-landlord, which-not necessarily equally- they were oppressive, antisocial, antihuman.

# U R A N U S on 14 May 2012 at 22:23

PLEBEUS-ZEUS LAW (Letter to the Prime Minister)

Considering that I have the right - like any other citizen - to propose a social norm, I come with this legislative project that has the sole purpose of correcting the serious injustices brought to many, both after the social movement of 1945-1947 and after the "revolution" of 1989, in fact these two events, although seemingly contradictory, had - in the end - only one purpose, but especially the result, namely the installation in power of an oppressive oligarchy and equally inefficient in all respects, the which -automatically- led to severe social disturbances in the mentioned periods, disturbances amplified with each passing day, although the governments succeed each other twice a year (average), which represents only the famous rotation of staff (including the combination with real representatives of of the interwar bourgeoisie), considering - of course - the economic and social results, absolutely disastrous.

On the other hand, although this legislative proposal is drafted by one person, I dare - in fact I am convinced - to believe that it will be supported by at least 75% of the over 25 million Romanians, within the borders of the country and scattered among the nations. (at least 5-6 million) meaning the vast majority of the population that is already, or "aspires" to the title of poor class, or-to avoid this situation at home-to the title of wanderer anywhere in the world, repeated event -according to statistics- in the last 20 years more than 4 million times, from where the country's population has decreased to approx. 18 million souls.

I would ask that this bill be brought to the legislative plenary by a legally entitled person - deputy or senator - but I think it would be a waste of time, none of those mentioned will make this sacrifice, to cut their trousers from under legs, because it is a reality, those who oppress and destroy Romania, are those who "lead" the country, through the legislature, administration, executive, where I short-circuit this scaffolding and come with this request directly to the office you lead, in the same time, displaying this project on the various pages of the Romanian internet. But here are my proposals and - once again - I dare to believe that they will be approved and supported by at least 75% of the country's voting population, otherwise over 90% of the entire population past a reasonable age, by 15-16 years.

In an emergency, the Prime Minister's Office will ask all legislative bodies (but also administrative and executive) to approve the establishment of a National Reconstruction Fund that will be fed with money recovered from the plunder of the national economy, money (and values) that entered illegally. possession of at most tens of thousands of citizens, ie the entire national wealth is at the discretion of less than 0.5% of the population. In this context, in the same regime - urgently - a general amnesty must be legislated by which all those who know that they have made illegal fortunes, to be given the chance to make peace with the law and society, namely, by donating even more than 90 % of the wealth earned, to this Fund, following that each citizen - from this group - will be left with a wealth not exceeding a value of 2-3 or 4 million euros (the amount must be standardized according to the value of the current wealth and other objective criteria ), in this way the company through the state, the government, will recover an amount of at least 50 billion euros, following that for those who do not respond positively to this request, to make thorough investigations of property and assets, to be exonerated from liability or defendants and judges, in case it proves to be fraudulent to seize those assets.

-Art.Nr. 2
As a matter of urgency, one of the main norms of a genuine democracy must also be legislated, namely the separation of powers in the state, so this article stipulates the total and permanent removal of the religious clergy (majority and minority) from government payments, from the budget, in this way the company will save (and use in real social projects) at least another 60-70 million euros annually, year after year

-Art. Nr. 3
Reducing the number of administrative units of the country (counties) to a number of max. 10, a number that will perfectly satisfy the problems on the ground, as evidenced by the countries with area and population similar numerically to that of Romania, although many of these countries compared, have a much greater complexity and economic efficiency, which claims Once again, in Romania this number of counties should be reduced to 10, in fact the current formula has created the wide road open to inefficiency and widespread corruption. By reducing this nonsensical number of administrative units, the company will save several billion euros, annually, and at the same time give a natural but serious blow to the major disease of the country's administration (namely corruption), while these people who will be pushed out of the system, will be able to bring their social contribution - otherwise declaimed - namely having a lot of money (they certainly have it) will be forced to open private enterprises and businesses, which will hire people and pay taxes.

In the same context, of the increase of the decrease of the governed expenses and of the increase of the efficiency, the Romanian Parliament will be reduced to a maximum of one hundred members, (and a single chamber) which will lead to the saving (and use in real social projects). million euros, annually, and - certainly - will simplify and streamline the legislative process, this time sabotaged in the same way by an extremely large number of members, who practically suffocate and step on bombs, one on top of the other.

In order to make a qualitative leap in all social programs and to catch up with the evolved countries (which had different access ways and the necessary time) Romania must execute in a single movement the most important desideratum of a human society (found in European monarchies and several republics) namely to satisfy the principle of economic equity and access to prosperity through work of all citizens, and this is possible (for us and at this time) by nationalizing the land and immediate equitable redistribution to all Romanian citizens over 17 years, who will be able to use this land according to the law and who will not have the right to sell or alienate it (described in art. SANSA ROMANIEI), an act that will prevent another great very predictable disaster, namely the entry of huge areas of land, owned by foreigners, which will practically be the tombstone of the Romanian nation.
This act, followed by a well thought out planning and organization (also described in art. SANSA ROMANIEI), will bring - through even reduced taxes - important amounts to the state budget, and will transform Romania into a large exporter of agricultural products, among the healthier, greener. And just as important, it will create the basis for ensuring the guaranteed minimum income as well as the existence of the economic opportunity, for any person, Romanian citizen.

Article No.6
The country's constitution will be amended, in the sense that the system of government cannot be put to the vote, and this because this article is abusive, does not allow citizens to choose their political system. The amendment must stipulate that at any time, the system can be changed, if there are legal premises, ie the existence of a reasonable number of requests (signatures), after which a plebiscite will be organized to confirm the will of the population.

If one of the articles listed above will not be validated by Parliament or will not be materialized by other legal means (presidential decree, etc.) the current government has the obligation to hold a popular referendum, which will validate - or not - these proposals .

Mr. Blaga,

Maybe it's just a coincidence of names, but after a while (reading the news
from Ro.) I had a "revelation", namely that you would be that Vasile Blaga, soldier
in term by 1975 (Arad county), and this revelation I think occurred due to
coming to the surface - from memories of "weapons and glory!" - which had, a word of spirit
used by you or that Blaga, I think I’m giving it back in its entirety. ”
to Moses ”, I don’t know exactly where you got this expression from, because I don’t
I recall - from the Bible - that there was any express reference to the Moisian staff,
circumcised or - rather - not!

So "why are you that", consider my address with "Dear Blaga", having in
view that in that period I had nothing to share, except
the misfortunes and the hunger offered by the Romanian army, hopefully at least, sad

What I want to tell you is that I have a message for your party, in
which I will never sign up for (and not in another, so as not to break you
heart!), a message that -for Romania- would coincide even with the will
to the earthly gods (EU and even USA) but a message transmitted from many layers
higher of this universe, namely - once again - that you can stay at
leadership for another thousand years (literary expression only and not literally),
of course if you implement the necessary measures to get the people out
Romanian, from the slavery in which he was put, including by you. Below you have (for
acknowledgment) only two of the applications submitted to the Romanian governments
(including this one, the pointed one), and you should not disregard as I have
more said- the Romanian people were chosen for this experiment, but there was no
supreme power- this experiment can be carried out only at will and
your consent, of those little and earthly gods.

In fact, it would not be inappropriate to check my credit as a "prophet" (see the book
, on the internet, “Religion, the enemy of the faith. Religions, parents of hatred”) and more
day small political predictions (2008- Obama will win the Nobel Prize prediction
that the HRM government will have the shortest evolution in the country's history, as well as many
others), at the same time you should - most importantly - understand that neither the gods
I am with you ", if you work against the people, and the directives are clear,
through the article “Sansa Romaniei” and “Legea Plebeus-Zeus” (addressed for the first time
once this mob government) what I will ask of you immediately is for its government
has an area of ​​4 thousand ha. arable land (category II) to be available
for that experiment described in "Romania's Chance", and -of course- the amounts of
money needed for everything that will be needed, and this experiment will begin to
"Bring fruit" right from next year which is just as important, I have another
project ("secret" but) that will bring you directly PROFIT from the first month of
operation, a direct profit of approx. 200 million euros (in taxes and leasing)
but which - indirectly - will "move" several billion euros / year, which will increase
strong total profit.
Hoping that you are that Blaga "with Moses", that is, superstitious by age, at
youth you were already advised) you will understand the importance of this message, and if not
you are that Blaga, there is no problem, the address is still valid,
because it is made of all political and decision-making individuals from

Last word: Romania's fate is in the balance and is in your hands! Not
do as Pilate did!

# U R A N U S on 11 Sep 2012 at 16:45

“… From now on, Romania has closed development perspectives. The last redoubts of
domestic capital were liquidated in favor of foreign capital by
this crisis program and with this fate of Romania, as a country in EXTINCTION, a
was sealed, which is the biggest harm the IMF has done to one
plagued by the East, among many others in the world. "
(Translation from “Times”)

"The extinct country" sounds apocalyptic, but it is a reality developed by me
in a few articles and comments, and the moment of apogee is approaching, it will be when
will "liberalize" the sale of land to foreigners, private companies:
-large landowners (politicians and their field clients) will
sells a few hundred ha for which they will collect up to a quarter of a million
euro, enough money to allow them to "retire" anywhere in the world (along with
this money still remains - those coming from the other hundreds of ha. of
land left in operation)
-small owners (under 50 ha) at the requests and exhortations of his children
grandchildren will sell, and they will go to the West, where they will spend the money,
and thus Romania will remain with the land sold and without money. In total, in
the first year after the entry into force of that law, will be sold
foreigners a few million ha., and leaving the country, will reach the maximum quota.
Repressing the workforce with African citizens in particular will complete it
true - the extinction of a country.
However, this catastrophe can be prevented if applied in the regime
immediately the plan from art. Romania's chance, but the current government - as well as those
past- are just gangs of anti-Roman criminals, who in fact, that's exactly what they want,
the destruction of the country and of the Romanian people, a fact that ensures the two seas
their desideratum, namely overnight enrichment and evasion
legal (and moral) responsibilities before the law and the people, for
the crime of genocide against one's own people.

No one disputes that a cultural model is the matrix of the political and hence the consequences in the economy and social of a nation. although in the Romanian context of the last 60 years, this good is obstinately perceived by comparison with the leftist policy) practically this socio-political current is so perverted that it is difficult to admit their claim, at a more demanding look. formed in the period after 1946, as we well know, cannot be annotated as a social current, having as a precursor a cultural matrix (through
the absence of real intellectuals and another reason not to be confused with a liberal current), because in fact he was a supporter or even implementer of the dictatorship. And its existence still, in the Romanian political arena, is the one that most disturbed the waters of democracy. Equally important is the fact that the right-wing current has been interrupted for a long time, being the prerogative of the 19th century and the previous one, during which time Christian conservatism (mostly Orthodox, at least by volume) was its basis, hence -in the end- and its defeat by a handful of newcomers (left activists), who quickly understood that their most reliable ally would be one of the two great churches of the time (Orthodox or Catholic) the rest it was just a matter of the right choice, what happened, being the majority, the Orthodox were
elected and transformed into a transmission belt, the reward not being expected: the confiscation of Catholic properties and their passing under Orthodox control, now the national church.

It is interesting how almost - snoring - the “right-wing novelist” is presented: with a strong national conscience and respectful of the hierarchy created on the criteria of competence, also having a high sense of responsibility ”etc. In reality, Romanian nationalism has been and still is strongly exacerbated, falling into xenophobia, although otherwise, the Romanians who spread Europe, ask
to treat the natives indiscriminately.

And about the "hierarchical respect", yes, it existed and was intensely exposed, demonstrated, but this was rather due to the fact that Romania of the 19th and a half of the 20th century, was a
eminently agrarian society, in which the chance of a mind and
exceptional personalities from the people, to reach the oligarchy in power (and / or intellectual), was in 99% of cases annulled by the status quo of the system, where the hierarchical respect was a condition of social survival in a not at all appropriate diversity.
It is now much better known the tragedy of M. Eminescu, appreciated much more by posterity than by (especially)
the intellectual elites of his time, who rather hated and obstructed him, being notorious the lack of medical care he suffered in the sanatorium where he ended his life (absolutely premature) and the lack of any human "sensitivity" (not to mention the professional one) of Dr. Marinescu (Babes' assistant) who "forgot" the dissected brain (of the poet) on a tray, several days in a row, and possibly,
even torn by his dog. And the use of Eminescu's nationalism as a platform and an asset in the continuation of this nationalism, is a mistake, in the current context, totally admissible but during the poet's time.
As for "Christian values," these - in practice - have always been and have remained the same, that is, reduced to obedience, blind obedience, directly to the clergy, or indirectly,
via government, the (reciprocal) instrument of mass manipulation.

Although, the right socio-political current was the driving force of the interwar Romanian society and before that, at this date, their claims are almost anachronistic, or not attractive for generations older under communism, or younger, but who have other aspirations, not at all conservative. First of all, the leaders
to this current, they are themselves tributaries of the communist mentalities (so of the extreme left) and two, the slogans, slogans and templates that define the quintessence of the movement are obsolete, if they are analyzed.
The most representative in this sense, is the slogan "For God, For the Nation, For the Country".

First of all, we must go back in time and once again see in what context, in what climate, this right-wing current has grown: this current has formed and grown in a monarchist system of government, adopted in Romania, when In all other European countries, the monarchies (kings, emperors, tsar in Russia) were the ruling systems, and the only countries that have preserved this system are the most
prosperous and more democratic, not only in Europe, but around the world. their domination but rather by the desire of the "dominions" to remain part of a system, which has shown that it is functional, at most parameters required of a real democratic society (equity and social justice, economic prosperity).

As we can easily see, the slogan of the current right-wing leaders lacks the body of the slogan "for the King", which recognizes that this current, even before the advent of communism, had renounced the monarchical system, taking an extremist turn, another asset of the communists. access to power. The second statement listed in that slogan,
it is the "country" that would represent the people if immediately before it had not used the word "nation" which undoubtedly represents the mass of people, the population of the country, as it is, diverse, heterogeneous, but the word "nation" is perceived to be addressed only to Romanians ( majority, indeed).
It is from here that derives the error and the unattractiveness of this current in Romania, because in their addressing in the first place is put the idea of ​​the supernatural, and in the second place,
the ethnic concept (division, already demonstrated, where it leads), and on
the 3rd place (but not the last, in fact, can immediately pass on the first place) the concept of Country, ie of administrative-territorial unity, the one that implies primacy to the government, the interwar period.

Finally, this current would become much more popular if it got rid of religious conservatism, and instead of God and Fatherland (the latter rather reminiscent of demagoguery and the wooden language of the communist period), it would put in the first place, man, because he is the most important, in any equation and in general would show a much more humanistic context. Of course, in order to have a Romanian right, a precondition is needed, the cultural one, because the authentic intellectuals do not
they form in the incubator, even more, until the crystallization of an elite (even oligarchic) ​​central and regional intellectuals, generations pass.
And they can't change anything if in their time the system is just as perverted, it's actually hard to form. In the long run, the solution is the cultural one, but it cannot be developed by growing and dissipating to the lower beds of society, in a true political climate, where the solution (for Romania) is not even political (it is proven by 20 years) the solution is an armed one, followed by the review of all state institutions, their cleansing of the huge
political kitsch and their resettlement on norms and directions verified by other European democracies. "Long illness, clean death", this is the situation of the country for too many years and year after year, from where the outburst in a state of emergency, and emergencies are treated with radical therapies, in our case there is no other option , than the takeover of power by the army, in the short term. And it would not be at all meaningless, the assistance of some UN troops and departments.
But to accept the existence of a single political current (derived even from a valuable cultural one) in the country's governing scene, would be an extreme mistake, because any single party tends to become dictatorial, due to the existence of a liberal current (at way, based on honesty and people of authentic culture) is an absolute necessity.
The conclusion is that Romania is in dire need of a current of
right, as well as a liberal, modernized currents, consisting of an authentic intellectual elite, even oligarchic, who speak from the quarters of universities and not from the pulpit of churches and who do not isolate themselves in an ivory tower, and who every day - not just on national holidays - to look at and understand the needs of the common man, who must create opportunities for prosperity and in this way, respect for the hierarchy will certainly be true.

KINGS and PRESIDENTS (republishing)

"Parliamentary monarchy plays a role that no elected president can ever play. It formally limits the thirst for power of politicians, because through it the supreme position in the state is held once and for all. "
(Max Weber, German economist)

Because the elections in Romania are approaching and like all Romanians who are good at football, agriculture and politics (last, especially in the last 20 years), I want to make known a point of view - unfortunately, and I know,
apparently not very popular (personal opinion) - an opinion, an idea, which I developed many times, on the spaces where I (more) wrote, namely the issue of monarchy in Romania. to a citizen like me, with my entire social, political, etc. past including all past generations, somewhat annotated in the unwritten memories of the family - the "passion" for this issue should be as non-existent, but the history of "retrograde", monarchist countries, in comparison with the history of our country
- referring even to the purely practical aspects - proves
for over a hundred years (although it would not be wrong to extend this
statement even at hundreds of years) and -even more and more intense, more impossible to deny in the last 80 years with emphasis for the last 20 years- that "man is the one who sanctifies the place" but the results will be logical and , if the sanctified place is wrongly chosen, and to make the necessary translation, here, the "place" is in fact the framework, the system in which man will
he carried out the activity in order to turn into reality the desires, the dreams, the plans he had at the moment of “sanctifying” the place.
From the national as well as the universal literature we know that metaphors allow the resemblance, the comparison of a nation, of a people, with anything: with the sun, the moon, with cosmic powers, phantasmagoric entities s.a.m.d.
But what would it be like to compare a nation, a people, even if by reduction, with a single man, who is ultimately the basic element of a nation and even if a country existed geographically, but without people, it would not mean nothing, for the simple reason
that there would be no one to realize it, as existence. So, let's compare Romania with a man of any social rank, who had an accident and broke a bone, a hand or a foot (for simplicity) .What will he do? In the case of modern times he will go to a doctor, in ancient times he will go to a healer or (injured in a vast forest) alone
-instinctly- will do what the two mentioned above would do: you will find some branches of
wood as hard as possible and alone he will make a splint for himself, he will align his broken bones, he will tie them firmly in those embarrassments and thus he will be able to get out of the forest and in
time, the broken bone, held end to end, will be welded back and the respective will be able to
return to his usual activity in a few months. But what if he doesn't do that? The answers are multiple, but we will discuss only the one that represents only the easiest consequence: the bones, misaligned, with a sigh, with a sigh,
they will eventually sweat, but the individual will limp for the rest of his life, he will no longer be able (through his activity) to be listed as before and quite
probably, it will be viewed with some reluctance by others. Exactly this happened with Romania, which was fractured, with the change of the monarchical regime with a "democratic" change made by force and blackmail. But God (for those who believe ) Karma, or pure chance, in 1989, after almost 50 years of national limping, gave us the historical chance, unique and unexpected before, to heal our broken leg alone, namely to put together the two ends of broken bones and so we can get to
the performances (economic, legal, general social) of the other nations that did not have the chance to be
"Injured" as Romania was. And yet, we Romanians and not the "occult forces from abroad" or "foreign agencies" we chose (several times) after "89 to continue to be lame and so instead of being able to work our hands earth, with which
we have been blessed by nature (by God, for those who want it), to "catch up" prosperous nations, we have rather begun to beg them, to steal, to rob or to be their slaves.
There is no shadow of a doubt that this is the pure truth, even if some do not like it, regardless of their personal or group reasons. In fact, out of the 2 million Romanians who left the country after usually under their qualification and are generally paid less, sometimes going through situations
social more than deplorable, but even wax drops would not recognize
the state of affairs generally mimics a well-being and a social situation that I can still achieve, but by no means without long years of hard work and
the respective situations mentioned (it is true that, compared to Ro., more money is made but only everyone knows if the respective sacrifices are worth it).
This is part - more than in other peoples - of the Romanian typology and cannot be easily defeated. The question is, though: don't you think we are
already with the past time (however, better later than never) to gather historically and repair our broken leg, then to have the courage, the pride, but especially the right to rise among the nations that have reached the true peaks of
prosperity and social justice? What is a paradox is that hundreds of thousands of Romanians (not necessarily just 18 years old) work in monarchical countries (where, indeed, they are treated and paid better than in other countries, another proof of superiority
the monarchical system, which is based on the real respect for the human being and not on the declamatory and not direct consequence of an order of the equal house, but as a result of the direct interaction between the native population - with their fulfilled and / especially, fulfilled social aspirations, due to the monarchical system - and “emigrants”)
but when they return home (they, their families and friends), or vote in those countries, they always choose the same ones who, as it is now proven, have interests for Romania to remain a country with - at least - a broken leg.

That is why, I consider it topical, to look at our past and recent history, in parallel with that of the nations that "stubbornly" remained stuck in history, with kings or queens (or emperors), and the republishing of the article below is my way of saying "Hello" to all Romanians, including those who hate the monarchy (rational or visceral) and whom I suggest
look at this only with a critical eye, practical and not emotional, as in the case of "the king is a stranger" (and the royal house of Norway also has its origins in Germany and Norway,
at all positive charts is among the top 5 countries in the world), or as
"The king is untouchable, and the population is in a state of servitude," he said
that - we all know - that current kings and queens are much more popular than
many presidents, and Spain rose again among the prosperous nations, beginning with the year of the country's return to the monarchical system.

In Romania, as in many other countries facing chronic serious economic problems, more directly, large-scale impoverishment, at the heart of the problem, invariably, is the continuous political crisis, a policy that, in all past or present societies, defines both the economic a country,
as well as the general social profile. It is no longer a secret that accession to international economic communities (continental, regional or global) can
brings an improvement -even substantial- in the general well-being of the population of a nation, but it cannot continue too long in time, if locally- in that country, here Romania- the political system coupled with economic management, not
makes efforts, even sacrifices, to bring the country on a healthy economic path, ie in which production is efficient through cost price and degree of productivity, more than acceptable in quality and abundance
quantitative, and the distribution of profit should be done fairly. It is also no secret that post-December Romania, under the guise of a
Western-style democratizations, imported (from the West) more than democracy itself, an extremely aggressive economic imperialism (based mainly on the sale of goods produced in other countries, or loco but under foreign patronage), which together with others factors- in less than a few years, led to a
economic polarization in particular, from which derives social polarization in general, unprecedented even in the pre-war period. More precisely,
overnight, an economic oligarchy was created (coupled with politicians) in which a single individual accumulated hundreds of millions (of euros, to refer to the current strongest currency) while millions of citizens became impoverished.
fast and so intense that old clothes stores have become part of
daily and the hope of raising the standard of living has become the lottery. But what underlies this general condition - for too many, desperate - is nothing
other than corruption and mafia arrangements at the government level, both at
center as well as in the territory. This situation is so acute by stretching
in space (mioritic) and so chronic already, if we refer to the other
size, time, so that the ordinary man resigned himself and even lost
the hope that things can get better. There are, of course, groups or individuals
isolates that bring this problem to the public wallpaper every day and come up with solutions,
but the character of corruption is so great, so organized, and so strong, that it quickly suffocates these attempts to normalize politics.
roamanesti, which is -without a doubt- responsible for the whole situation created and perpetuated in Romania. The questions, how to make the recovery, exist over
all, answers as well, but putting it into practice is… simple theory. Why?
Because, corruption is not only at high levels - which is by far the most dangerous thing for a society - but it is infiltrated even in the lowest social stratum. A corrupt director, from a small enterprise, usually
incompetent, hot and generally lacking in moral characteristics, he cannot
survive in office if not supported by various others, including -at least
catziva - workers from the respective enterprise. Using the word “catziva”
creates - perhaps - the perception that the phenomenon is extremely restricted, but in
reality is extremely wide, this being fully found in a number
huge number of commercial units (regardless of profile, production, sales
etc.) educational system, health, s.a.m.d., using figures, we can say that in
This vicious, unhealthy system is embedded in perhaps even over a million
citizens, some of them making this game even for an extremely small
profit (illegal, absolute, even if it looks like legality). To start a fight
The general rule against this situation is equal to starting the fight against
wind or sea water, is absolutely absurd and nonsense, especially - I repeat, more
the institutions that should lead this struggle are profound
infiltrated, themselves, by corrupt individuals, put at any cost, on
Finally, it can be said that this social cancer, corruption, is not an exception but a rule, unfortunately secularly chronic and reaching the degree of
popular mentality. The only practical solution to make things right, is
finds in two Romanian proverbs "The fish stinks from the head" combined with the second, "The river must be cut from the root". Although apparently, the root would be the group
to those "below" who have entered this circle of corruption, the reality is, as in
the political system, the top represents the root. And, in all administrations
known to us, citizens still alive (we do not refer to history anymore
recent or long past, known from books), starting with the one immediately
postwar and culminating with the Ceausescu criminal dictatorship, we easily notice that in
all these administrations, corruption, lies, political revenge,
misinformation, etc. and so on were and remain basic features of
And in the case of former President Iliescu, deep resentment and
personal revenge, culminated in the illegal and premature execution of the Ceausescu couple, precisely to satisfy their criminal desire for personal revenge and - at the same time - to block the bringing to light - for eternity - of known truths - very possible - only by the dictatorial couple. Constantinescu's presidency, based more on personal infatuation and disavowal of a
system was legal in Romania (royalty), fear of civic action, led to
the even deeper immersion of the country in the mud in which the country is still struggling
this time. The current struggle of the presidency with different parts of the chessboard
Romanian politics, maintains the living standards of Romanians at the lowest levels
among former communist countries, even the hope of better barely
Returning to the solution of eradicating these states of affairs, we must
emphasized once again that the root of the river in Romania is in fact the head
fish, and things will get better - not overnight, but they will get better.
once the stinking head is cut off and replaced with a healthy one, it is not
it involves only the replacement of one person - the president, who from anywhere
would come remains dependent on a social group- ci with the replacement of the system that is
proved to be extremely deficient and that it cannot be treated by the crowd
diseases, as long as the poison comes from within, from one's own body. In the opinion
In my opinion, royalty is the only guarantee of an economic life and -in general-
social, healthy, and the tradition of Romanians for thousands of years is the monarchy, plus, we have concrete examples of nations ruled by “old” royal houses, apart from
history ”etc., which not only“ do well ”but are right at the top of the welfare pyramid.
recognize that Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan s.a.m.d. are the countries with the most
prosperous economies in the world (valued inclusive, and through the social assistance provided
poor bed) and Spain, which returned to the system of royalty (distant
not too long before it was abolished in Romania) in record time
reached among the countries listed above, this country becoming, in the last
years, a paradise for the seekers of a better life, even for some of
Western countries. A popular mentality based on the idea that we "manage" with the data
of shpaga, with little twist and with furtishagul, they did and will do that
general well-being to be only a desideratum and never a fact. But to
achieve this goal we must understand that a good house has a good architect,
a good plan, a good and verified model. We have the model in the situation of the countries
listed above, what we lack - at least apparently - is courage and
honesty to recognize these things and try, which, in fact, does not
it is not new under the sun, which in fact, belongs for hundreds of years to this nation and land, Romanians and Romania, since ancient times, when we called ourselves Dacians. I will not make any dissertation on the advantages of hereditary or constitutional royalty, however , if we refer even to the Bible we notice that the kings of Israel, most of them, were not hereditary. My consideration is that for Romania the constitutional monarchy would be the most beneficial, chosen (based on well-thought-out, rational preconditions and rules) for life but at the same time being able to be dismissed upon the proven finding that they have exceeded -in negative-
attributes offered and imposed by law. The constitutional monarchy will provide a
solid political stability, which will underpin economic development, and
the royal administration, neutral, will be the buffer and arbiter of the political struggle of
parties, which do not prove a democracy with anything more solid if they are much
more than 3-4.The king or queen, in my opinion can be any citizen with
voting right that exceeds the general conditions of candidacy: only Romanian citizenship, clean criminal record, physical and mental medical exam passed without any difficulty, high school graduate and at least 2-3 years of higher education or equivalent, a foreign language international circulation known more than well, not politically affiliated, or at least dissident of one party, without having registered in another, neutral religious affiliation, known in the media
-even only local-as an activist of rights and freedoms
These would be -in my opinion- the general conditions of candidacy,
but also in my opinion, the official verification of the report should be added
the subject with alcohol, drugs and smoking, and although these aspects seem a
harms privacy, however they - unverified - could have a
major importance in decision making in the crisis. It is no longer a problem of
I guess a young smoker even, in time, does him serious harm
health and the country has the right - and the obligation, at the same time - to a king / queen
healthy people who can perform the service under stress without resorting to
medication or hospitalization, and alcohol abuse - even in the past - as well
drugs, leaves permanent consequences - usually inapparent under normal conditions -
on mental faculties and general health. The second reason that would
it also imposes these conditions that the eliminators (if they are not satisfied) is the fact
that the royal house MUST be a model for the whole society and especially
for the young generations to come, and who, following Westernization
non-selective, have to face serious problems in personal and social life
king, obligatorily and wife, or a queen, obligatorily and husband, who are not
smokers did not have and do not have problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling
Luckily, they can only be the most serious and attractive model for children
even from families with these problems. Or it is known that any teaching has
good fruit if the one who spreads it, he himself applies it day by day, with
seriousness and not only preaches it. A king and / or a queen (as well
and a country president) are perceived as the person with the highest degree of
morality and civic instruction and if true, the masses usually ii
follow them and the beneficial results are not long in coming, so
as otherwise, a corrupt or morally deficient country leader or
behavior, induce among the masses at least confusion, neglect and even
insecurity, but quite often, the biggest risk is pauperzare on
large-scale and rising crime as a direct result of poverty and
indirectly as a result of the lack of control of law enforcement - and in general
of the legal system - which become - like the first man of the country - corrupt. Corruption is
spreads the fastest from top to bottom, like a cancer from cell to cell, here
from man to man, on a hierarchical scale, and - as we well know - a president,
exponent of a political party, it is impossible not to miss his opportunity
be pushed, forced, to pay for being propelled up, and
this payment, "favor" will be requested - almost without exception - outside the law,
just to hide or cover up an illicit situation or even just
harmful in other respects. Finally, as I said before, it is said
that the republic is a new model of government, but we know that it is older than two
thousands of years, and if for many hundreds of years it disappeared from the political map of
the world is precisely because it has proven to be very vulnerable to corruption,
scourge that can really destroy a people. I am convinced that -maybe- many of
those who read this article, repudiate the thought of having a king (or even more
bad, queen!) in the subconscious, this being translated “the king has rights
supreme and we are slaves! ”, which makes the blood to color the cheek in scarlet, the adrenaline to flow through all the pores, and the blue reason to be pushed out of any discussion. In reality, today's monarchies are much more popular both in their own countries as well as abroad, than any presidency in their own countries, and the connection and relations between the "humble" citizen and the king are much warmer and more cordial than we can imagine.
thing has its value, but the most important thing remains if “subjects
to his royal highness ”(i.e. the common people) have a decent and good job
paid, if they have more than enough food, hot water permanently, and a
car of even small liter. And as we well know, now after “89, and as
I suspected quite close to the truth, before '89, all these were and are
indisputable realities in western countries but especially in those with
monarchs. It is said that every people has the fate it deserves. Partly, it is
true, but all peoples deserve to live well, the problem is
if the teachers of the nation are honest and are not sold to an ideology or
to another, for material advantages or simply out of "patriotic pride" or
other patriotic slogans that aim to block many from thinking
independently, or even to shame those who do it. My conclusion, regarding the form of government, for all countries, but here, for Romania, is that the constitutional monarchy would relieve the nations of many of the troubles and problems with which they For over a century.
unnecessarily financially, but - and it is extremely important - for reasons
almost visceral, in the population there is a deep division, marked by
verbal and even physical aggression, and not only between social groups but
even within families. The psychology of this mechanism may not be difficult to decipher, but in general we can speak of an exacerbated pride and prejudice that have as subject first of all the person in question, the voter - and not the "chosen one" - that once he has declared his support and support for a certain candidate (for the presidency) not even the most valid arguments will make him change his mind, because in this way he should recognize that HE, - never HE- he made a mistake! The prejudice comes from the fact that we form an opinion about a
candidate from his appearance and from the way of expression, from the generosity
the royal (this time) with which he promises thousands and thousands of things and from the sea
unfortunately- not by analyzing this individual's past and actions
present which are in fact the non-Venetian mirror of character.What else is of
noted is the fact that going down to the other "elected" (senators, representatives)
passions subside, even quickly, while being in question man for
the supreme fast, the passions boil to the extreme, manifested by insults
and insults, physical abuse and even homicide. These acts are not found at
parliamentary elections in no country with a monarchy as a form of government, and
it would not happen in Romania either if the country were run by an administration
the royal who has and would have every interest in maintaining stability in all
domains and at all levels, even for the simple reason just to
ensures continuity on the throne of the country up to the maximum limit. Another aspect, from
increasingly demonstrable over time, including (and especially) in the republics with
democracy, is the slide towards dictatorship either under the satisfying cover of the “living space” (Germany of the beginning of the last century) or for the defense of
revolutionary victories ”(Russia-Stalinist USSR of the last century), or to counter“ world imperialism ”(modern-day North Korea) similar attempts in South America (past and present) and in a sophisticated way in USA nowadays. What is noteworthy would be like most
these dictatorships displayed or disguised, not only bring a lot of problems within their own society, but through the armed forces - for false reasons - intervene in various countries either occupying them or producing social earthquakes that really bring on the people respectively true hell. In this context, "international" is interesting to note as in the last hundred years
monarchies have a real tendency to be true servants of the people, while presidential governments become increasingly aggressive both internally and externally, both in capping or even reducing the standard of living of the population but also through serious abuses against civil rights. I did not list at
this chapter is the dictatorship of post-war Romania, not because it did not exist, but because it was a somewhat special dictatorship, “the dictatorship of the proletariat”, and
Romania due to the total economic fiasco and almost from the start, could not have intervened armed in any other country, not for a single day. There is no doubt that the dictatorship of half a century in Romania was one
one of the worst in human history, being sustained by economic segregation (even if poverty was plenipotentiary, yet certain beds, social groups were almost enslaved) taken to the extreme - as we well know - by former President Iliescu (the first "democratic" president) by the official act of
the instigation to murder of some social groups against others. It is said that the king (monarchical government) would be left by God we do not know if it is true or not, but what we know clearly is that although countries with monarchies, are not every day to display in the news of newspapers or television, they are
constantly annotated with more, and their peace - including the apparent one - is doubled by a life led in a modest and unprovoking abundance, in which the ordinary citizen, "humble subject of His Majesty" lives his dreams in peace and in full. .

The first ideas and comments of this financial dissection are made on the general system and then the references will focus on Romania, and not on & # 8222 countries of the same kind & # 8221 but only on Romania, where we all know how the system worked and works, and - I think - we will find a common understanding. Probably everyone knows, or has a suspicion, an idea -even vague- that money (as coins) have been a standard for the exchange of products or services, from time immemorial, practically, immemorial, it is true that to a small extent, barter is the ubiquitous one, however, with the increasing complexity of this world, and the need for more money in circulation (including the ease of transactions through money), has increased. appeared in the modern era, and have never completely replaced coins, minted on various metals, common or precious. But what is worth noting is that these vouchers (paper money) even 2 centuries ago (nineteenth century), had gold plating, and the governments of the time had common sense and did not print more money than they had gold, in the national treasury. For example. one hundred lei represents one tenth (say) of an ounce of gold, and there were so many hundreds (a total of hundreds of millions) in circulation that were covered by that amount of gold. During this period, when finances were kept in check, including the existence of debtors' prisons, it was almost impossible to get rich quickly (overnight), that is, through speculation, and the economic growth of those national economies was slow. but quite constant, in general a rich family appears after a few generations of toil and saving. At this time, banks were rare institutions and lending conditions were healthy, in general we can speak of the non-existence of preferentialism for politicians or other social positions. And this was given - to a large extent - by the fact that in past centuries, most banks were private and family owned or small interest group, who had started this business (they or their predecessors) from money saved by them, hence the rigidity in granting loans, of course out of the natural need to protect their own interests. As we now know, all wars brought changes in social structures, and on the eve of World War I, very sophisticated weapons (compared to the last hundred years before) and the general condition of nations, who knew they would have to make a decision in conflict (in one way or another), so the imminent outbreak of the First World War, created the urgent need to put into circulation a huge money supply, for arming, equipping and maintaining the war. And the only & # 8221methodology & # 8221 in covering this need was the printing of much more money than was covered by gold reserves, and this in most countries, where the inflationary phenomenon appeared, strongly highlighted after the end of the war, culminating in the great crisis. The economic crisis of the 1930s. it was repeated on the occasion of the next great war, but the post-war effects were attenuated by the green revolution and in general by the strong increase in the speed of the technological revolution, which, in total, curbed inflation. After the second RM, it is known, the US dollar settled as the main currency in international relations, although this recognition of its value was not based on gold plating but on a productivity and quality unknown until then. Many individuals, with or without onerous intentions (at least initially) have understood that paper money is itself a commodity, and so thousands of banks have opened up around the world, buying money from the government and & # 8222sold & # 8221 to the population (personally, or to companies, companies) with an increased value, materialized by a high interest rate that brought profits to these banks. However, in 1971, the world's major banks, generally with fair traditions, demanded that the US government redeem gold, the dollar money supply, scattered around the world. , gave up gold reporting and started printing new money, which - in echelons - was fighting inflation, which began to rise again the next day, and through this process came to circulate in the world hundreds of billions of dollars, and because in the meantime the dollar had become a kind of country brand, hundreds of millions of counterfeit dollars appeared, printed even by other governments, not only by the underworld. Unable to control the money supply in circulation (except very approximately) the banks multiplied like mushrooms after the rain, and a new practice came into force, namely preferential loans to political customers (usually) who instead fixed the interest of national banks, relatively small and allowed banks to resell money with very high interest rates, to which are added various & # 8222gifts & # 8221 to politicians or electoral contributions. Referring strictly to Romania and not to the former communist countries (because we cannot interpret their details), we know that interwar Romania was still an eminently agrarian country (1938: 18 million inhabitants with 80 percent in rural areas and working in agriculture), with a very small industry, this being mainly the branch and the social blanket that were paid periodically (monthly, etc.) with a salary, with pesos money. Hence, the minimum existence of banking institutions, probably in Bucharest , there were no more than 10 banks (including branches), and in the field, in counties and nets, districts, to contact a bank, you had to do tens of km, to the big city in the vicinity. After 1945, the few -and without too much capital- banks were nationalized and all these funds were merged into the Romanian National Bank, which of course, opened its own branches (even specialized, Banca Agricola, etc.) in most of the country, and this bank had sole control over money. From 1900 (approximately the reference point for the economic growth - including industrial - of the country) to 1945 *, and from this year until 1989, there are two equal periods of time, but & # 8211 as more all over the world- thanks to the factors mentioned above and Romania has had a vigorous growth (at least in the first 15-20 years) hence, it is not a mistake to conclude that the economic product has increased (again, as in other countries) tens of times compared to the previous period, from where, in the end, the national wealth -of course and nationalized- reached a monetary value of many tens of billions (lei) / year. In 1989, through populist tricks, the new government made up of even extremely conservative communists, redistributed this national wealth to its customers, who soon (legally) went bankrupt these new banks, thus losing track of money, dozens billions of lei. Basically this central deposit of money was redistributed to the new banks, which in turn & # 8222 lent & # 8221 this money to customers in the field, without asking for the slightest guarantee for that loan, or, conversely , accepting virtual guarantees, the one that led to the one that was planned, that is the & # 8222 inability & # 8221 & # 8221 the lion's share, they went bankrupt in the purest English style, that is, in Romanian, they wiped out a little, but with the people's money, stuffed in sacks, which were not only unloaded at their gate, but were pushed into the yard, even put in houses, both in figure as well as literally, because a large part of this money was used in & # 8222investments & # 8221 real estate, ie tens of thousands of Romanians, were forced by circumstances to sell their house or apartment to these individuals, who they bought their houses, practically with their own money, obtained through those loans and the respective bankruptcy! We do not delve into the concrete facts, from now on, how entire economic sectors themselves were destroyed by this new plague, the analysis refers to the banking system. In a normal country (like the European Monarchies) these things cannot happen, and in a country in the process of normalization (as Romania should be) this small financial oligarchy should be considered as a social tumor and, consequently, , taken from society, ie these individuals (bankers, bank directors and other bank staff, paid directors) should be investigated in the most serious way, and they will certainly be found guilty under at least 4-5 serious charges. , from where their fate should be sealed for 15-20 years, in prisons with forced labor, the only way to recover the damage of billions, still uncovered, of course, after the necessary confiscations. In Romanian society there are still a lot of taboos, and regarding this subject, it is accepted that if this or that is a bank manager, he must automatically have a lot of money, although these directors should be paid exactly as other cadres with equivalent training, and they should be even more humble because they were given the chance to work in an extremely decent place, and not to inventory (like other economists) the irrigation pipes, from the cloudy plains or These bank directors should be extremely happy with these jobs, because most of the time they have not worked a single day to raise that money from the bank's fund, they are just intermediaries and -even more- some guards of this money, which are printed by the government and which & # 8211 obligatorily- represent the value of the productions and services provided by the rest of 19.95 million Romanians. But we also know that this financial caste would not exist at these parameters (ie nababi) if they were not supported by the political factor, which is the only partner in this anti-national crime, hence the conclusion that is not the revision, restructuring or anything else of this kind, but is the total change of the system that runs the country, its replacement with a proven and up-to-date system, to be much, much better, and of course, taking legal action against this political-financial mafia, which proves - worldwide - is the most destructive factor of economies and societies.

* But there have been economists such as Angus Maddison, Paul Bairoch or Colin Clark, who have tried to reconstruct this data. According to an analysis presented by the Financial Week, according to Maddison, in 1870 Romania had the lowest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the region, of 861 dollars / inhabitant ("international" dollars 1990), which puts us followed by Greece (996), Serbia (934) or Portugal (926). Four decades and a little later, in 1913, Romania had risen to $ 1,378, managing to surpass both Greece (1,255) and Portugal (1,244) or Serbia (1,152).

And according to another evaluation, this time of Bairoch, Romania was in 1870 behind Poland, which it manages to surpass in 1910. Bairoch, like Maddison, certifies the installation of the Romanian economy in front of the Portuguese one. If in 1870 our GDP per capita was 19.2% of that of Great Britain, compared to 35.3% in Portugal, in 1910 we advanced to 28.8%, and they widened their gap to 27.6%. .

The spectacular economic evolution from the interwar period came against the background of a policy of supporting the Romanian business environment and, in general, the elites.

The state, through the National Bank, supported economic progress through a low-interest credit policy. Relevant was the policy "Through ourselves", which supported the development of Romanian capital.

WHY MONARCHY (republishing)

Why king, or - of course - why queen, because it is very proven that women are as good - maybe even better - political leaders than men. Whoever read the article "Kings and Presidents" has a large part of the comparative image between the two forms of government (Monarchy versus presidency). In these lines we will deal with the aspect called "stability" of any government, but -again- it is proven to be much more applicable as "instability" to republican governments, with presidents elected every 4 or 5 years. Going back to biblical (pre-Messianic) times we know that the kings of Israel were appointed by God, but this is not important, but that they were named, so chosen according to certain criteria (virtues). In fact, in many other nations, at that time, and after, kings and emperors were elected by the nobility or people, or won this position, by individual qualities (especially the highlights during wolves). In parallel, dynasties were created, some of which have been extended to the present day, due to an extraordinary adaptation to the new social requirements. And we cannot omit - again - the case of Spain, an old monarchy but also the newest, in which paradoxically, socialism makes an extraordinary appearance in the political and economic arena as well as in other aspects (human rights, etc.), the Socialist Party of L. Zapatero won the election in 2004 and is still at high levels of popularity, thanks to a realistic social program, and with the support of the Royal House, which (by law) appoints prime ministers (prime ministers) only from parties that I understand that maintaining a balanced political pluralism. In any other country, it is historically proven, socialist parties lead to disaster. China), but not if they are supervised by a monarchical system, which - it has been said - has not the slightest interest in making the political game of any party, so the monarchical institution gives proof yes of the highest possible equidistance, the only real interest is in the prosperity and security of the people. And the population, in turn, understands that it is always someone above any particular interest or group that defends and respects them, no matter how much the fight is fierce between the political parties, this perception maintaining a popular peace and tranquility, whose effects are found directly in productivity and immediately in the standard of living. Going back to the last century and the present, it is easy to note that the only nations that have prospered constantly without subjugating other nations (on the contrary, colonialism was abolished in all those countries) are European monarchies (including their domains, overseas and countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.), which were not spared from various political earthquakes, but which did not collapse in any form (economic, political, military, cultural, etc.), on the contrary, the path of these nations it has remained on the same line, of increasing the prosperity and general security of the population, including the disadvantaged of "fate" (ie the poor). And this has not only happened, but has been due to the existence of a political framework, which has ensured the continuation of a high quality government even in times of crisis. even the prime ministers were involved, and they usually resigned under pressure or common sense. On another scale, it can be exemplified by the ethnic and linguistic frictions (Flemish and Walloon) in Belgium, which led several times to the appearance of government disruptions, but the process was kept under control and the nation did not suffer. Finally, in total, all monarchical countries in Europe (and Japan) at this time (but for a long time) are a standard of political stability, stability that also ensures economic stability and its progressive growth, not in leaps but steadily, even if slow.Not to mention details about the stability of the Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, etc. which is apparently a monotony, a national boredom, people go to bed with chickens, in the morning they go to work and so on… I used the word "apparent" because this monotony is very apparent, people have the most diverse means of Possible fun in the world, and especially, absolutely ordinary people, have the financial opportunity to go on two annual vacations, anywhere in the world, in the most exotic and / or expensive places. The difference is that they do it quietly, with common sense and moderation, without beating the drums that they have "arrived" and without following the stardom that has taken over the politicians and even the Romanian nation. A 15-minute stardom, which confirms the saying with the fence and the leopard! In contrast to this obvious and palpable stability in these monarchies, in extremely many republics, political instability (followed by that in all fields) is a constant, leading to serious multiple form disorders, including the maintenance of discriminatory prejudices against other nations, which must be controlled by force. But in most of these countries, discrimination is against their own citizens and is carried out by their own governments, even if these countries are members of various international democratic organizations and call themselves "democrats." It would be without much merit if we deal (even for the purpose of comparison) with countries like North Korea, Kazakhstan, etc. especially since Romania itself is an "excellent" example of a "democratic republic"! The political "stability" in Romania is not only obvious, but is observable even outside the country, international bodies and agencies, they give serious signs of concern, regarding the political and economic "stability" of the country, but even to the demographic stability, every day from Romania, leaving hundreds of people with a high level of education, which (through the gaps left) leads to other destabilizations on the labor market, and in sensitive sectors, such as health. The political situation is so "stable" in Romania. that a motion for presidential suspension has recently been introduced, and it is not the last in the last 20 years, and to be fair to the end, the Romanian "stability" was so great that in Dec. "89, the head of the country himself was executed, in order to avoid a shocking destabilization, which -really- was defused, but dissipated in the next 20 years, not only dissipated, but also "enriched", which -it seems- will lead to what it is called, "history repeats itself." What I do not find in the cultured media in Romania (ie the one written by the elite) is the fact that although all the breath sees that the ship sinks, no one or this elite has the courage, or does not want, to return to the monarchical countries and copy the model, which anyway, would not be new in Romania. Why? Why this imprisonment and rejection, against a system that is proven to be the best? Let the Romanians be a people who love instability, a people who want to fall asleep late at night, because of the thousands of worries of tomorrow, a people that has completely lost its inner balance and fallen into national masochism, a people whose Do you like to be tortured, tortured psychologically and even physically, every day? I don't think the answer is "yes" but I think that the current rulers and the others of the last 20 years are sadistic individuals who exercise this evil inclination, through the power obtained through lies, they exercise the power to torture millions of Romanian citizens. whose last effort to escape this terrible grip is denationalization, leaving the country and trying - by all means - to settle in another country, which-honestly, rationally, provably-has no greater potential than Romania, but it has honest and not only intelligent leaders (rather cunning, in Romania), who know how to channel these potentials, in the end these countries being considered a kind of economic Mecca of the Romanians. And these countries are usually European Monarchies!


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Bentolite is a soluble slimming powder based on an innovative action formula with 100% natural ingredients. Bentolit powder, thanks to the special ingredients in its composition, allows you to lose weight quickly and efficiently, without endangering your health and without affecting your hormonal balance .. 50% discount - official website fat under the best masks for the same. That type of masks where you only need 2 common ingredients, your skin will be really stretched and without wrinkles. Get rid of fat after. It can be seen exactly in the image in the press conference with 5. To measure the percentage of body fat, users only need to hold the mobile phone with both palms, as in the example in the image above. It is not clear how accurate this method of measurement is, but even an indicative value could be medically useful if it can be obtained with.

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Shops and prices - Bird food vidaXL Fat balls, 200 pcs. , 90 g (170899) 149,00 RON !: (Fat balls 200 pcs 90 g 170899) These premium food balls for birds offer a nutritious mixture of raw ingredients, to ensure a high level of energy, being ideal for birds wild. Precu grains Pictures of dogs Mops - Pug Pictures of Dogs Mops - Pug. Share. Views. If you liked this article, subscribe to Our Dog RSS to receive the latest emails or using an RSS reader BodyShot Before and after the photo photo brings a quick way to review your photos, one centimeter total lost, body fat index (BMI), body fat gained or lost, one centimeter total gained and also share your results with the people you want

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Pictures Pictures: hand, petal, finger, food, medicine, material, pills, tooth, bless you, tablets, medical, blood sugar, cholesterol. 10 years ago I weighed 120 kilos, at a height of 176 cm. Huge, an obese animal, a fat monster. We ate and drank like a pig, steak trucks and alcohol tanks. I switched to the regime because it was no longer possible, I tried the dissociated regime proposed by Demis Roussos, God forgive him. At noon as you can see in the pictures yogurt. Nutritionist Mihaela Bilic recommends that we never consume calories in liquid form, if we stick to our figure. The water with a lot of fructose only loads the liver with raw material from which it is easily produced fat of store it not anywhere, but on the belly / abdomen, says the nutritionist

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Becoming thin overnight is a thought that overwhelms most people who struggle with extra pounds, and a liposuction operation sometimes seems the ideal solution to get rid of excess fat deposited on the thighs, knees or abdomen. But what are the risks associated with liposuction and, especially, can anyone afford such an intervention? take care of them. It certainly wouldn't suit you to move into a kitchen with greasy walls either. Yes, I wasn't wrong, mice, pork fat and stingy because they were some pieces of kaizer. Of course cold the whole order. I was offered a 15 lei discount coupon from food panda in exchange for the delay experience. I have pictures of the food but it can't be attached in the review. Follow the steps below to get the ginger mixture: 1. Squeeze the juice from two lemons, then put it in a bowl with the grated ginger and wait for the liquid to set. boiling. 2. When it boils, lower the heat and add a liter of water over the composition. Then keep the preparation on the fire for a while. 3

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  • Since then, it has increased almost threefold. Now the formation is the size of a hen's egg. It is soft to the touch, it does not cause pain. Otherwise, I feel really good. I found on the forums the description of several similar cases. Many say it is a lipoma (fat bubble)
  • and after a few days you will notice good results
  • The older the fish, the stronger it smells. A glossy, firm and elastic surface is a sign of freshness. Eye condition is essential - a fresh fish has bulging, light and translucent eyes. The paler, flatter and grayer the eyes, the older the fish
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  • With regarding the financial cost of these drops for weight loss, I come back to our initial recommendation namely of order the supplement online directly of on the official website of the manufacturer so that you can benefit of extreme price of advantageous currently available to users in Romania. Specifically, at.

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Food is a source of energy for the human body. Due to digestion, food is transformed and nutrients are absorbed from them. This process begins in the oral cavity when the food is crushed and soaked in saliva. Then the food reaches the stomach, and there the acids and gastric juices continue to break down food. From there, the food enters. This innovative, unique combination of bioactive substances leads to truly remarkable results, up to 15-20kg taken down in 30 days. Take one Reduslim capsule daily, with a larger amount of water, before a meal, for a period of one month. The pills are very easily assimilated by the body, thus ensuring. The steps are extremely simple, but you will get successful pictures. 3. Relax. Many times, when you take a picture you become tense. You don't have to feel that way. You take the picture and you can spend as much time as you want to take the best photo. In addition, if you are more relaxed you will have a natural, beautiful smile. 4 This is the tundra - the living environment from the ends of the planet, near the polar circles, north and south. They are harsh regions, with a harsh climate, with winters as long as three quarters of a year, terribly cold and viscous, with short summers, in which everything seems to be in a hurry to rise, to bloom, to multiply, to bear fruit. before the harsh winter came again

This way you lose weight only from fat and not from muscle mass

  • Cosmetic surgery office Timisoara - latest generation equipment - free online consultations. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse you agree to their use. Lip augmentation with own fat Permanent lip augmentation with PermaLip® silicone implant.
  • Bucharest, June 16, 1920. Honorable Officer! Because every visit of your Majesty, as 20 years ago those of your Majesty's father, together with the honest Conu Iancu Caragiale is, in addition to honor, also a special event for our place, I want to give my turn to chivalry, sharing in the desire of your honor.
  • itartele. In addition, you can add edible flowers or dehydrated lemon slices
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Reflecting the proportion of body fat, the BMI index is derived based on a formula that takes into account the height and weight of the user, respectively a parameter called bioelectric impedance measured using electrodes built into the scale, which transmits a low current. Sprinkle with baking soda on the stain and rub lightly. Let the baking soda work for as long as possible, ideally let about 12 hours pass, then vacuum. If the stain persists, wipe lightly with a little dishwashing detergent or soap from face soap.

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28.07.2017 - Articles about one month old puppy care How to keep the ginger diet. This wonder food can be added to any dish for taste and flavor. If you consume ginger regularly, your metabolism will normalize and you will suddenly have much more energy than usual. Ginger is a beneficial product for the digestive system, purifies the body, gastrointestinal tract, small intestine. Then I picked vegetables directly from the stakes, the potatoes ripped from the ground with my hands, those onion leaves that left sap on your hands when you broke them. And that real chicken, chicken raised in the yard with only corn and some fodder. God, and what a soup Grandma used to make from all this

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  • Fat articles written by Nicolae Leahu. As long as the inheritance left by God in their souls has been preserved, and has been preserved for many generations, they have obeyed the laws and carried in their hearts that divine something to which they were so close.
  • How to cook beef. Corned beef is a cured beef that cooks slowly with a distinctive pink color and a dense, tender, free-fiber texture.Corned beef is named after the large salt pigeons historically used to make brine, which along.
  • eral or soda. Allow the liquid to work and then wash them with dishwashing detergent - Fill the pot or pan with warm water. Add two lids of fabric softener
  • oplasty Liposuction Fillers / Lip augmentation and wrinkle removal Lip augmentation Wrinkle correction Other cosmetic surgery procedures Leg implant Fat injection Scar correction [. ]Further..
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Fat necrosis tends to go away on its own without treatment. You may not need any treatment if you have fibroadenoma, unless it is very large. If a lump is larger than 4 cm, the doctor may suggest surgical removal. He had a relationship for 13 years, in which he was not married, but was stronger and stronger than any marriage. And in the chapter of relations he discovered many things, not benefiting from any kind of education or openness to this chapter. Dr. Bilic says that he lived with the impression that relationships are being built and he was wrong

The nose is covered with successive layers of keratin, fat and dead epithelial cells, increases in volume and deforms. The disease mainly affects parrots, but can sometimes occur in males. The cause of this disease can be a tumor, parasite infection or another internal, chronic condition. In the West. Peigu men waist slimming belt clipped Belly Burner weight loss burn body fat trainer tool - selling products from the original Chinese catalog at low prices. Free delivery and a wide assortment See photos with funny pugs. Pugs funny pictures. Photoshop: Sovamops. Photo: Muscle plug. Загрузка. Watch the video: Comic phases try not to laugh out loud, funny, funny phases read descr. (September 2020). Загрузка .. The Fatify face changer is the best way to become a fatty! Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were fat? Really fat? Find out with Fatify fat face app! Upload or take a picture, and enter our photo booth to see what an extra 200 jiggly pounds looks like on you! Fatify is a fun free app that lets you swap for a fat, jiggly, animated one More pictures ↕ More pictures ↔ Homemade chocolate. Homemade chocolate - delicious cubes with milk powder, sugar syrup, 82% fat butter, vanilla or rum, depending on the assortment. 100 lei / kg. Amount. 500 gr 1 kg 1.5 kg 2 kg. Variant. White, with pistachios and.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lust for a good deed! Help Florina!

On September 5th Florina and Adrian should celebrate 6 years of marriage.

Unfortunately, florin has been on a hospital bed for over a month in a recovery center in Targu Mures and is making progress every day. In the last days she managed to eat alone without the help of a tube, but there are many more steps to a complete recovery.

If you want to florin to celebrate with her husband as soon as possible, to get well, if you want to help her, I invite you Monday, September 7 at the City Business Center, Lobby Building C from 700 Square, Timișoara from 10 am, to a good deed. To a good deed and to a cake. In fact, there will be 1,000 cakes. Yes, 1000, you read that right!

All money raised will be donated FLORINEI GOGIUMAN , 33 years old, who needs a long treatment in a specialized neurological clinic, and the costs are very high.

I don't know her florin , but I know a few of her colleagues who initiated this charitable action for her.
florin she wanted with all her heart to be a mother. He needed special treatment and intervention. Unfortunately, an unexpected medical complication caused a cardio-respiratory arrest.
Now, unfortunately, florin he has brain injuries and is struggling to recover.
She needs long-term treatment at a specialist neurological clinic. However, the costs are very high.

And her colleagues organized themselves in an exemplary way and quickly decided to help her! I joined them too, because I like to help and because the story Florina I was moved by the overwhelming coincidence: I also wanted to be a mother with all my heart and God fulfilled my wish after 12 years of marriage, when I was 33 years old. Age Florina from now.

That's why I ask you to be with us and come and buy as many cakes as possible !! All will be homemade cakes made personally by colleagues Florina , and I will Tosca cake .
There will be teas, lemonades, coffee-everything that goes with a cake :-)
All money will be donated to florin !

Those who will not be able to arrive or do not live in Timișoara, you can donate a sum of money in the following accounts, in the name of Florina's husband, Adrian Gogiuman:

IBAN code: RO75INGB0000999904977892
BIC code: 606410008

Bank: ING BANK (LEI account)

If you live abroad you can donate in foreign currency (dollars) here.
So far, 26 people have donated and $ 1,713 has been raised.

You also have a questionnaire so that you can express your desire for your favorite cakes.

Find the event posted on Facebook. It would help if you shared it publicly on your page so that as many people as possible know about it.

Colleagues Florina they also made a facebook page with more photos and information: Help Florina!

case Florina also appeared on

Do a good deed and help her florin ! Whether you buy a cake, donate a lot of money to it or popularize the event!

Thanks a lot! God help!

Video: Lock In Technique With Laminated Dough Part 1 of 4 (January 2022).