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Peppers stuffed with rice and minced meat

Peppers stuffed with rice and minced meat

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First we clean the peppers from seeds: we cut each pepper lightly with the knife around the spine, we remove the spine and the seeds. We wash the peppers with cold water and let them drain a little.

We clean the onion, wash it, then chop it finely.

The rice is chosen, then washed.

Put 50 ml of oil in a saucepan and cook the onion, meat and rice. When they have browned a little, add the broth. Remove the composition in a kitchen bowl, then add salt and dill (washed and finely chopped).

Fill the peppers with the prepared composition and cover each pepper with a slice of tomato.

In a higher pot greased with oil, place the peppers. Put enough water to cover a little.

Put the pot in the oven on the right heat. When they are almost ready, add the diced tomatoes and a little thyme.

Leave for 5-10 minutes and the peppers are ready to be served.


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