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Beat the egg whites, add the sugar and beat until the meringue is obtained, then add the flour and cocoa. The composition is poured into a rectangular baking dish and baked over medium heat for about 50 minutes.


beat the yolks and sugar until it doubles in volume, then add the flour and mix well so that no lumps form. Dissolve the composition with milk and put in a bain marie, mix until you get a pudding. Divide the cream into two bowls, in one we put dark chocolate, in the other we put white chocolate and mix vigorously until the chocolate melts. In the bowl with black beak cream, put the raisins and rum essence and mix well. In the bowl with the white cioco cream, put the coconut and vanilla essence and mix well.

Make a syrup for the top from sugar and water and boil until the sugar melts.

Wait for everything to cool, then cut the top horizontally into 3 layers. We syrup the tops, we put the black beak cream, then another layer of top, the white beak cream, and at the end the last layer of top.

Let cool for a few hours to set the cake.

We make a butter foam from butter and powdered sugar and mix well with the mixer for about 15 minutes, after which we coat the cake and let it cool again.

Separate the coconut in a bowl, add green food coloring, a few drops and mix until smooth.

The cake is dressed in sugar paste and garnished with coconut on top.

There is some work to be done on it, but it is a delicious cake.

EXCLUSIVE / A famous dangerous stylist close to the "fish" Gureșoaie

Disappeared for some time from the fashionable landscape of the Capital, Diana Gureșoaie still continues to make victims among footballers. The so-called "Dodel's crooked" during the relationship with the football player Cristi Dodel Tănase was photographed by the neck with the stylist Gabi Tamaș.

No one is surprised that both Diana Gureșoaie and the athlete Gabi Tamaș are two fans of parties and entertainment that last from morning until the next morning, especially since they both do their best not to miss any party. When they intersect in a bar, the two make a sensation. Proof that, when they meet at a party, Diana and Gabi have a great time together, always immortalizing the reunion. Although the photos show that Gureșoaie and Tamaș are dangerously close, there is nothing more than a friendship between them, and the photos are taken even in the presence of the footballer's wife, Ioana Tamaș. It seems that the two met from the period when Diana had a relationship with Dodel and remained in good relations, and during the period when Gureșoaie was heard by the police in the file & # 8222Prostitutes for VIPs & # 8221, the Tamas family he supported her and encouraged her to get over the problems faster.


  • Wet countertop with cocoa (24 cm diameter)
  • 150 g flour
  • 30 g cocoa
  • 120 g of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 eggs
  • 80 ml oil
  • 80 ml of hard, hot coffee
  • 120 g plain yogurt
  • Choux (25 pieces)
  • 80 ml water
  • 30 g butter
  • A little salt
  • 60 g flour
  • 2 eggs (80-100 g)
  • For umlut choux
  • 300 ml whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • vanilla (powder, pods, extract or essence)
  • Chocolate mousse
  • 250 g chocolate (100 g with milk and 150 g bitter)
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 3 sheets of gelatin (6 g or 7 g granules)
  • 450 ml whipped cream
  • Glaze
  • 100 g household chocolate
  • 100 ml whipped cream
  • 2 tablespoons oil


  • Wet countertops (2 & # 21522 cm)
  • 250 g flour
  • 80 g cocoa
  • 400 g sugar
  • a teaspoon of salt
  • 2 eggs husband
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons grated baking soda
  • 125 ml oil
  • 250 ml plain yogurt
  • 125 ml hard coffee
  • Mascarpone cream with white chocolate
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 200 g white chocolate
  • 450 g whipped cream (35% fat)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (essence / vanilla sugar)
  • Berries sauce
  • 150 g berries
  • 100 ml water
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon starch
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • decoration
  • 100 g dark chocolate (54% cocoa)
  • 60 g white chocolate
  • fresh or frozen berries
  • small sprigs of rosemary (or mint)

Pictures of drunk people have passed

A stellar supporter for decades, the man brought from home programs, magazines and pictures with his idols. The steward revealed that he has not missed a match in the past, but he has not been in Ghencea for years, after leaving for work in England. She spent only a few weeks at home in Giurgiu, then plans to return to the island. However, once she recovered, the artist realized that that difficult period made her stronger. What Sorana went through and what Sorana looks like today has changed her look. She is currently blonde and dedicated herself to her passion for painting. My father was kicked out of the company about six months ago. I need money too, because I haven't received anything in six months. And there were all kinds of investments. He jerked me off, still trying to get me out of the house. He grabbed me by the neck and broke my chain, which remained there. The clothes and the laptop also remained there

Chefs with knives returned to Antena 1 with the new season 8, which promises to bring something new as in the rest of the seasons. Among the contestants to win, famous people were invited for Gina Felea, not the original actress who will play the role of Gina in the show's kitchen. The first contestant in the first edition was only 6 years old and she cooked. Pink did not say exactly what health problems Carter had. And the star had health problems. She was ill with COVID-19, as was her 3-year-old son, Jameson. Pink singer, infected with coronavirus

The border with Hungary, through the 11 crossing points, was crossed by approximately 41,300 people and 17,600 means of transport (3,000 self-loading), of which on the way to enter the country were about 23,000 people with 10,600 means of transport New investors came and I am very happy for Dinamo, but also for the «DDB» program, which kept the team alive. Only together can they do great things. At Dinamo, the supporters are much more than 50%. If you still start from scratch with this shareholding, how come the same people always fall on their feet and stay in the club When I dreamed people dear us, who have last in non-existence, we are quite upset for a while. We wondered what such a dream might have and why something like this happens to us. Usually, such dreams mean that the person has a sense of guilt for the death of the regretted, or that love for the dead a. He has not consumed news. He learned that many black people were killed by coronavirus and compared it all to a horror movie. Weeks passed and the symptoms changed day by day. His hands bruised and he quickly put them under warm water to restore blood circulation.

Tradition says that on this day, people from the villages go to church with fruits, vegetables and plants to be sanctified and to gain healing powers. On the day of the autumn equinox, all the flowers are said to die. They realize that summer is over, that the days are sunny and warm, and they are dying. . Those who have gone through the disease cannot be sure that they have escaped permanently. Reinfection cases have appeared recently. Doctor Adrian Marinescu explained this phenomenon for TVR On the graphics of Serbian television, Adi Petre was the goalkeeper for the historic FCSB match with Backa Topola. After 9 footballers from the Steaua team were confirmed with coronavirus, Becali's team had to enter an improvised formula on the field at the game with Backa Topola! Even in. They told him at first: You see some pictures of you walking naked through high school. Lina was the victim of three crimes: violation of the secrecy of correspondence (imprisonment from 3 months to 2 years or a fine), unauthorized transfer of data from a computer system (imprisonment from 1 to 5 years) and distribution of pornographic material with.

Premiere in 2020 on the Romanian coast

  • A person with good notoriety, with strength, with huge work capacity. TVR also receives a mouthful of oxygen after the hemorrhage of many good people that it lost in the past years. What does Andreea Marin gain? A national television. A media platform with enormous potential, still untapped at its true value
  • There was once a Bear, almost like all bears. One day he tripped over a camera and started taking pictures. The years passed, Ursu 'kept posing until he ...
  • 20 historical pictures, which show us that in the past people lived with taste May 25, 2016 These photos show people who had a pleasant sense of style, taste and class, which we do not really meet today

10 strange things from the past and their proof in the picture

  1. Let me give you an example: I am young, I am a woman and I happen to go out to clubs with friends, never alone! You can get an idea of ​​what can happen in a dark, noisy place full of drunk people !, said Mia Khalifa. Most of the time, those who approach me ask me to take pictures with.
  2. Last year there were 25,000. But at the same time there are 3 and a half million millionaires who live well thanks. Which means that 0.7% of them died. This number should be twice as high. But do you know what most millionaires do? Before the Lady with the Scythe appears, she transforms. It's a kind of magic. Mister
  3. For some it could be a person the same age as them, living in the 21st century. For others it could be someone from the past. And, although beauty standards are constantly changing, we find some people attractive regardless of the year or century in which they were born.
  4. 11 photos View photo gallery »Thousands of people passed by her and didn't even realize it. If she had seen it, she would probably have called the emergency number, and the police would have come to arrest her.
  5. When we dream of people dear to us, who have passed away, we are quite upset for a while. We wondered what such a dream might have and why something like this happens to us. Usually, such dreams mean that the person has a sense of guilt for the death of the regretted, or that love for the dead.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people crowded over the weekend on the narrow paths that climb to Moldoveanu Peak, the highest in Romania - 2,544 m .. Pictures and videos with tourists appeared on social networks expecting each other on the way to peak, in areas where access is more difficult. Some of them have lost weight dramatically, others have managed to get rid of the addiction to banned substances, and others have made radical changes in their lives, such as sex change operations. Demo-2 mission will use a Falcon 9 rocket, famous for landing safely back to Earth, so it can be reused in other missions with a Crew Dragon capsule on top as a cargo. The launch takes place in Complex 39A of NASA's Kenedy Space Center in Florida. From here, other missions such as the famous ones have left in the past. Aries attracts people with a dubious past, bulls receive good news, and twins feel strange in the environment in which they arrive. The future looks good for balance, while scorpions suddenly return to reality. Horoscope September 12, 2020 for all zodiac signs. Here is the daily horoscope for all the zodiac signs! rake

People pictures - Page 3. See right now the coolest pictures of beautiful and funny people taken by people. In this section you can't help but laugh with tears at the moments seen in these images. I have at your disposal both funny and serious pictures that you can send on Facebook or by email to your friends 28,000 people have last the gates of the Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019. Aug 28 2019 Maybe if we tell you that it was the hottest edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest you would say that we are subjective, but 28,000 thousand people can attest to the contrary PSD deputy from Suceava, Eugen Bejinariu, urged Suceava voters to vote on Sunday, September 27. Eugen Bejinariu sent a press release in which he emphasized the fact of the Photo Booth - Picture Box. 6,573 likes · 2 talking about this · 215 were here. Photo booth - Picture box - for events (weddings, baptisms, themed parties, corporate events). Accessories .. A patient infected with COVID-19, tells what he went through in the 25 days he spent at the Victor Babeș Hospital in Timișoara. I had salon colleagues, (I stayed in two ..

. people who, at some point, in just a few months will start to lead and shape Romania, an absolutely funny cake with some cute minions supervised from above by the infamous Gru. Although so many years have passed since then and even if I know more today. CANCAN.RO presents you a sensational TOP 40 of those who were hit by the bottles, only they lost the fight. The god Bachus has the power to transform even the most calm and respected stars into true goddesses of the party. Over the last few years, several showbiz stars have been caught offside. Even though they are in the center of luxury in one of the largest cities in the world, dozens of Romanians live more like street people. British journalists have published shocking pictures, showing how our compatriots sleep on cardboard, crammed, two steps from five-star hotels

Prehistoric People HISTORIES FOUND

Make an omelette, something, see what you can do, and serve the people. Now it seems a banality, but then, in the glory years of the Parisian bread and chicken cutlery, such a disposition can be equivalent to a kind of mission impossible. But Comrade Scarlat doesn't know. To live, comrade, is done. Order is order In total, on Monday, 8 students from those studying at schools and high schools in Sector 4 were confirmed positive with the new type of coronavirus. This afternoon, the City Hall of Sector 4 ordered disinfection measures as a matter of urgency. of some classrooms, from 3 educational units, after 4 other students were confirmed with coronavirus READ ALSO: Two policemen drove into a tree: one of them was drunk Adriana Furdiuc is 61 years old and works on the ATI department of the Arad County Hospital. He sees people struggling between life and death on the hospital bed every day, so he decided to help as many as possible by donating plasma. Andrei Marius, chief commissioner at the 19th Section of the Capital Police, makes shocking revelations from the system. He claims in an interview for Digi 24 that mafia groups in Bucharest have people infiltrated in politics and police

In addition to the fact that she is one of the sexiest women in Romania, with a phenomenal career, Anamaria Prodan has distinguished herself, in recent years, with her company clothes and jewelry, but also with the luxurious life she lives. The sexy impresario spoke exclusively in the show moderated by Victor Vrânce. I talked to him every day, I told him to keep in touch with the colleagues with whom he came in direct contact. I hope that no one was infected, I followed all the rules, distance, masks, measuring the temperature at the entrance to the school. The class has now gone online. The boy's parents have negative tests The restaurant chain recently filed a complaint against the former CEO accusing him of transferring several nude photos and videos with various women, including company employees, from his work e-mail. on his personal account, and then deleted them before handing them over to investigators. BZI reporters talked to Uncle Mihai. The man said he did not explain how the accident happened. But you say, am I a drunk man? I have nothing, sir. I drank, I admit, but only 150 grams of vodka. Sir, I passed the car like that and touched it a little. Thread

.000 thousand people can attest otherwise Apollo 11 is the name of the first mission in which man stepped on the surface of the Earth's natural satellite, the Moon.It is also the fifth manned mission in the Apollo Program, managed by NASA , and the third to place humans in lunar orbit. Launched on July 16, 1969, the mission consisted of Neil Alden Armstrong, the mission commander, Michael. Fortunately, no car passed in the opposite direction in those moments, so the truck driver's mistake in this case only resulted in material damage. In another serious accident, the load of a TIR truck led to the serious injury of a driver. In this case, the wood transported in the truck entered through the windshield. Certainly, we have all seen people who look almost identical. The resemblance between them can be so great that it seems unreal. Even more interesting are the wives of contemporary personalities, who, to our surprise, lived even a few centuries ago.

How the widow dreams of Corneliu Vadim Tudor

  1. timit the concert organized last year, on the occasion of the Vaslui Days or the outing he had on the occasion of the Day of December 1, when he congratulated one of his contestants with the nickname of tembel), Dumitru Buzatu attracted his antipathy and.
  2. We are a portal with love stories and love messages for those who want to discover themselves much better. A community with true stories or real events from your life that you want to make known. We offer with the help of the community and many declarations of love for various events or pictures with pictures of life that you can send.
  3. What Cornel Păsat, Oana Roman's ex-boyfriend, is currently doing. I'm thinking of expanding, but to see how things go Cornel Pasat was known in the world of fashion a few years ago, not only as the lover of Oana Roman, but also in terms of his profession
  4. At least 1,500 people died in France due to high temperatures last year, for example. In rich countries, cities already accustomed to heat will have an advantage over those who are only now beginning to experience it.
  5. The 16 actors of the Nottara Theater, who in a difficult period for the cultural world accepted the challenge to move from plays to the interpretation of works of art in the patrimony of the National Art Museum of Romania (MNAR), fulfilled brilliantly difficult task
  6. Articles about pictures to be drawn on the printer with girafepage = 1. We talked some time ago about good dog breeds for children. And because more and more pet lovers are curious if canine quadrupeds and babies can live together, we looked for some pictures that would testify to us that very strong connections can be created between them.
  7. Nine pictures of attractive men were presented to hundreds of women, after which the same pictures were electronically modified so that the men looked like they had tattoos on their bodies. The results of the study revealed that although men with tattoos were considered by women to be healthier, the tattoos themselves did not.

EXCLUSIVE. What important people took money with usury of ..

  1. Some people don't even know what to do to get into the show. These men were able to film the entire mating process of some horses. It is also normal for animals to have matings because they also have senses. That clear stallion was hot as we can see from the pictures. Category: Vide
  2. I am convinced that some of these pictures are absolutely unique and they will change your perception of history. Let's see what it's all about! 1. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, color picture, Soviet Union, 1922 2. A fountain in New York, USA, 1930 3. The singer Madonna, 1982. At that time her name was Luisa Ciccone and she was not popular [
  3. The people here claim to have nothing to do with Pakistanis, Indians or Afghans in these places. They claim to be the descendants of Alexander the Great who, when he passed through here during the conquests of the fourth century BC, abandoned in these places the soldiers who no longer had the strength to continue climbing the mountains.

Lionesses have killed in the past In 2017, the two white lionesses allegedly escaped from the property and killed a man working nearby. Mathewson said at the time that animals are not aggressive and that they walk with them three or four times a day. believes the navel of the earth. There are these kinds of people who feel the need to put in a resume almost everything they have done in life, minute by minute. There are journalists who, in order to present themselves, carry behind them 50 bookshelves with the CV. Physicists at the University of Queensland (Australia) say that they have made the journey through time. The team of scientists created a theoretical time loop to allow photons to interact with themselves in the past

Video: You have to see the pictures of the dead from Colectiv ⋆ zoso blo

BRILLIANT! Desperate Steward after the Star! He brought programs and

  • For example, plowing with oxen. Not only rarely, but more and more unlikely, almost zero chance of seeing something like this. Thus, some pictures taken a decade ago I think are worthy of going online, showing the reality of recent rural life a past that disappears day by day, falls apart - meaningless
  • At the end of next week, in Bucharest, in the outdoor pool of the Lia Manoliu complex, the National Swimming Championships for all age categories will take place. At competitions
  • The actress revealed that last year she was diagnosed with two types of cancer. The star underwent two surgeries and confessed that she went through terrible torments. It all started last April. Going to the annual gynecological check-up, it was discovered that something was wrong, and so the investigations began.

Sorana ex-A.S.I.A. he went through a terrible period.

Fun with ATVs by the sea. Several tourists walked quickly in a protected area Posted: Monday, 07 September 2020 09:47 // Updated: Monday, 07 September 2020 09:47 // Source: She received pictures of her husband with her little boy, and she will soon get home where the newborn is already waiting for her with the whole family. Read also: A pregnant woman died after becoming infected with coronavirus. His friends organized a surprise party for him, but they sent him the Audi R8 Green Hell Edition virus, starting with 620 hp and production limited to 50 copies. PICTURES Car with four engines and 2000 horses. Now you can watch it again in action The most awaited car of the year launched with RWD and manual transmission. This is the new BMW M3 / M4. It competes with the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC, but it is built by hand. In addition, only 360 people will be able to have the Bran-Moeciu Area, a pole of Romanian rural tourism and an attraction through Bran Castle, it shows timid signs of return, but still remains below last year's level. In June of this year, the number of arrivals in the Bran - Moeciu area was almost 5,000 arrivals, more precisely 4,984, ie less than half of the February arrivals, of approximately 11,600, according to the data.

The most violent city in the world. How many people were killed in one year. heatwave deaths Can you imagine a city where hundreds of people die every year shot in the street? Terror and corruption make the law in San Pedro Sula, which has become the most violent city in the world. Located in the middle of the Boldu-Creţeasca forest, near Bucharest, towards Ştefăneşti, . The name under which it is known has to do, it seems, with the custom of the witches of the past to gather here on occasions such as Sânzienele, the Saint. Here are pictures of the bruises More than two weeks have passed since then, during which time images and images from the handcuffing of the former great tennis player were made public. Now it's Nastase's turn to speak. Others killed people on the crosswalk and were no longer handcuffed !. An outbreak of COVOID-19 was discovered at the Bucharest National Opera. 10 employees were found positive. All shows have been suspended. According to the director of the Opera, Ștefan Ignat, the 10 infected people are both among the soloists and among the technical staff. Looks like Pictures taken from Kovesi's computer by the boys from Black Cube or pictures delivered by one of the spectators who were present at the pig's alms, with brandy, onion and jumari, in which the main actors were Laura Kovesi and Darren White (photo) was Head of the US Secret Service on Eastern Europe? Journalist Robert Turcescu, a close associate of Traian Basescu, current candidate for a position.

publi24 matrimoniale arad with no. 01 whose value is 300 leiperson. Pension details: It has 12 places: 4 double rooms upstairs, which have a shared bathroom and a 2-room apartment on the ground floor with private bathroom Tens of thousands of people spent last Thursday morning in bars and pubs in the UK. They celebrated the end of the working year, because December 19 is the last day to go to work before the Christmas and New Year's holidays Alexandre Eram went through two terrible moments two months ago. Andrea Esca's husband was infected with the new coronavirus and had a serious form of the disease. One day ago, the first images of the businessman appeared. Andreea Esca and her husband, Alexandre Eram, celebrated their daughter yesterday: Alexia a [

I saw only a press release, written in Romanian and English (with different texts) in which the amount of 6 thousand was mentioned. I look on the website of that release, there were 6,000 fans on Facebook. So I understood that 6,000 fans on Facebook saw the press release and, as a result, as many were at FanFest. Because it makes sense. See right now the coolest beautiful and funny pictures taken by people. In this section you can't help but laugh with tears at the moments seen in these images. I have at your disposal both funny and serious pictures that you can send on facebook or by email to your friends

Alexandra Stan, brave pictures on social networks

  1. No more mishtou, we're moving on to serious business now. At Thursday's council meeting, Huja crashed on his own because Philip was absent. That is, the Hujians no longer had a majority in the council. It was 8 to 8. This made the vintilieni, with the help of PPDD, Prica and sometimes Bobeanu, to block some projects initiated by huja
  2. More than half of European countries have seen a 10% increase in the number of new coronavirus infections in the past two weeks. France has passed 13,200 positive tests in the last 24 hours, a record since leaving quarantine, and Italy, with over 1,900 new cases, has the highest balance.
  3. you and more pleasant partners. To see how many people use Sibiu for pleasure. This post really amused me. =)
  4. Vlad Plahotniuc was elected deputy of Nisporeni. Doina Sulac, the daughter of the late Nicolae Sulac, also present at Dodon's party, also sang for PDM in 2014, but also last year, on May 9, when the Democrats organized.
  5. I had the impression that my whole face was falling apart as I walked. I underwent a rhinoplasty operation with the classic method, not with a laser. It's different, but it was worth it. The result is the desired one. It was hard for me to bear the pain or depend on the bandages, but some people have no business
  6. e (sper). I say easy, because I didn't even realize it was 4 hours later. That's how long I took pictures

The people I passed by - 174. A man on the street with an owl in his lap - was a bit cold. acting students helped those in surgery and got used to working on the optical axis. Some great images came out, but I didn't put them in my portfolio for the exam, the master teacher said he would. Organizers announced today that 63,000 people attended the event over the four days. The number of participants this year on the Peninsula was 5,000 higher than last year. 31,000 liters of beer and 11,000 water were consumed at the festival, which cost the organizers 1.2 million euros. Posts about askillz pictures written by gflashme. Certainly there were two categories of people at this party: those who came because they knew who A.skillz was and they knew it would be a show and there were those who did not know who he was, but they knew it would be a party and they enjoyed the show

Chefs at Knives September 7 live blog and live video! Gina

Too bad that in the late '70s these neighborhoods have last through a strange process of thickening the blocks. The old, airy neighborhoods, with generous green spaces, have received all sorts of ugly fillings: blocks between blocks, more and more crowded Have been the years of construction and ugly boulevards-canyon Here we went from 2012, in which we presented you hundreds of pictures on the Facebook of music stars, you even voted for the hottest of the year. After 3,000 people voted, the winner is Anda Adam with this picture. Congratulations to the loyal fan club that supports it every time we vote, but we move on with the edition.

Pink went through great emotions

Hundreds of people, beaten daily in Copou and by fate, and by their fellows. Humiliation at the IRO (24067 views) Two detainees escaped and left a farewell note. They promised to go back to the bars (19721 views Just as if she's spinning in dubious circles with equally dubious people, it's her choice, but also her problem when / if it goes wrong. I think that's what they mean in The essence of many commentators - that this is NOT really a case of domestic violence per se and certainly NOT a social issue Posts about pictures port-au-prince written by saltcuantic , in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake

Alin Oprea and his wife had a dream wedding, which they spent with the over 500 guests. Stiri MIREASĂ, DE LUNI PÂNĂ VINERI DE LA 14:00 ȘI SÂMBĂTA DE LA 13:3 Aida este vedetă TV, model și actriță. În trecut, aceasta a participat la mai multe reality show-uri în Italia, și în seriale. Aida arată în continuare foarte bine și atrage toate privirile. Ea s-a mai iubit și cu alți fotbaliști celebri, precum Christian Vieri și Matteo Ferrari, ultimul fiind tatăl copilului ei, Aron Posts about poze written by saltcuantic. Această poză a fost capturată într-un bar din Iaşi Presupun că ce scrie în partea inferioară este gluma unui cocalarus beţivu Actorii care în anii '80 erau idolii milioanelor de oameni de pe Pământ, şi acum fascinează cu figura remarcabilă. Această sesiune foto veselă s-a petrecut la Festivalul de la Cannes anul trecut, unde a fost prezentată a treia parte a filmului cu răsunet - De neoprit, în care s-a filmat această companie de actori Acuzatul nu era pur și simplu luat și zdrobit cu un ciocan. În primul rând trebuia stabilit dacă există suficiente motive pentru folosirea torturii: în caz de vrăjitorie era nevoie ca bănuitul să se fi oferit să vrăjească alți oameni, să amenințe cu farmecele pe alții, să fi umblat cu bărbați sau femei vrăjitori sau să.

Zeci de mii de oameni iau cu asalt granițele țării

Fac un apel tuturor prietenilor , cunostintelor si ingerilor pazitori ai lui Iannys care au contribuit la salvarea vietii lui in momentele cele mai grele din viata noastra , cu totii stim ca in lupta cu cancerul timpul este foarte limitat ceasul ticaie la propriu , tratamentul trebuie aplicat in cel mai scurt timp posibil , noi cei care am avut nenorocul sa traim asta stim ca zilele. Un tânâr de 21 de ai a reuşit să spargă contul de Facebook al unui minor, elev la un liceu din Iaşi, intrând în posesia unor fotografii nud pe care minorul le primea de la iubită, şi ea sub 18 ani. Nota de plată: închisoare cu suspendare şi muncă în folosul comunităţii Ajuns la ei, mi-au zis ca nu o sa se mai repete si ca o sa fie ultima data, dar am inceput sa le povestesc despre familia mea, sa le arat poze si le-am zis ca sunt tigan( romanizat), raspunsul lor au fost ca e bine esti diferit de ceilalti, va dati seama eram roșu tot pe langa faptul ca dormeam cu toti in eu cu tatal ei in. multumesc mult costi ,cautam de multi ani poze cu iasul vechi,dintr-o dorinta neimplinita,atunci cand tin o poza cu imagini din trecut am un sentiment,profund ciudat.te intrebi daca e posibila calatoria in trecut ? eu sunt sigur ca da.e posibila dar sunt multe de vb ,pt asta trimite un sms la 00393203519750, botez.tudor id mess yaho

Poze antene satelit - Pentru ca pe unde trec vad o graoza de antene montate in tot felu de locuri si in tot felul de pozitii de oameni. Page 1 of 19 Introducere Nu ştiu câţi dintre voi, cei ce citesc acest articol, sunt sau au fost fumători, după cum nu ştiu câţi dintre voi au cules, sortat [. ] — scrise de irinad despre [Muzee în Kavala / KAVALA Noul coronavirus a infectat până vineri aproape 14 milioane de oameni în toată lumea și a ucis alți peste 593 de mii de la izbucnirea epidemiei în Wuhan, provincia Hubei, China, în decembrie 2019. În același timp, peste 8,3 milioane de oameni s-au vindecat, potrivit datelor centralizate de Worldometer Sosirile turiştilor în structurile de cazare din România au scăzut anul trecut, faţă de 2009, cu 0,7%, la şase milioane, în timp ce înnoptările au fost cu 7,1% mai puţine, respectiv 16 milioane, în ambele cazuri ponderea cea mai mare având-o turiştii români, potrivit datelor INS

Cabina Foto - Cutia cu poze, București. 6.570 de aprecieri · 215 au fost aici. Cabina foto - Cutia cu poze - pentru evenimente (nunti, botez, petreceri tematice, evenimente corporate). Accesorii.. S-au transformat în HULIGANI și au trecut la AGRESIUNI! Minorii lăsați de izbeliște continuă să reprezinte o problemă la nivelul județului Constanța! Cei mai mulți ajung infractori, cum este și cazul a doi băieți, de 14, respectiv 15 ani, care fug din centrele de plasament și, împreună cu alți copii ai străzii, fură și. Oana Radu trăiește o frumoasă poveste de dragoste alături de antrenorul său de fitness, iar dovadă în acest sens stau fotografiile postate chiar de ea pe rețelele de socializare (Vezi imagini AICI).Imaginile n-au fost, însă, pe placul fanilor, în condițiile în care au trecut doar trei luni de la moartea fostului iubit, incendiat de viu în scara blocului cu un cocktail Molotov Furtuna din toamna trecută a distrus pădurea taman in zona in care se desfășura mare partea din activitatea de zi a manifestării. Cu birocrația românească nu poti avea rezultate in timp real așa incât au trecut la schimbarea locului de desfășurare. Tot in zonă au ales un loc .și dă-i bătaie. Am stat acolo cam 5 ore Cabina Foto - Cutia cu poze. 6,579 likes · 3 talking about this · 215 were here. Cabina foto - Cutia cu poze - pentru evenimente (nunti, botez, petreceri tematice, evenimente corporate). Accesorii..

Sotia lui Ghionea, filmata in timpul unei partide de sex

Cancan a intrat in posesia unui film incendiar a carui protagonista este sotia unuia dintre cei mai cunoscuti si valorosi fotbalisti din Romania. Roxana Ghionea, casatorita de doi ani cu capitanul echipei Steaua Bucuresti, a filmat mai multe scene de sex fara a avea niciun fel de inhibitii. Filmul in care sotia fundasului Sorin Ghionea este personajul principal dureaza aproximativ 15 minute, pare a fi realizat intr-un studio, cu o camera video profesionala, si se afla de mai mult timp pe internet, pe un site pentru adulti. Roxana Ghionea apare alaturi de un barbat, caruia nu i se distinge figura. Sotia capitanului stelist este lipsita de orice fel de inhibitii si pare a fi extrem de atrasa de ideea ca este filmata. Pe langa scenele fierbinti, inregistrarea intrata in posesia noastra contine si alte detalii destul de picante. Spre exemplu, la un moment dat sotia lui Sorin Ghionea este nemultumita de modul in care se desfasoara partida de sex si tanjeste dupa jucaria ei. Mai exact, dupa un vibrator. Contactat de Cancan, Sorin Ghionea a declarat: Este un gest de razbunare din partea unui individ care a avut mari probleme cu pastilele, un fost prieten al actualei mele sotii. De altfel, la Spitalul Judetean din Braila exista fisele medicale drept dovada, omul a fost internat pentru o supradoza. Acest film nu va schimba cu nimic relatia mea. De ani buni, de cand sunt cu Roxana, noi nu am fost implicati in niciun scandal de presa. Pe mine nu ma intereseaza daca sotia mea nu a fost usa de biserica inainte, pentru ca nici eu nu am fost. Suntem de ani buni impreuna, avem o familie frumoasa, un copil frumos si asta e tot ceea ce conteaza. (sursa: Cancan)

Ministrul Nemirschi, relatie amoroasa cu o subalterna?

Dupa ce ministrul Comunicatiilor s-a cuplat cu una dintre angajatele sale, un alt demnitar pare sa aiba o relatie extrem de apropiata cu o colaboratoare a sa.Este vorba despre Nicolae Nemirschi, seful de la Mediu, care este nedespartit de una dintre subalternele sale. Apropierea dintre acestia a provocat deja aparitia unor zvonuri, angajatii ministerului vorbind pe la colturi despre relatia dintre cei doi. Nicolae Nemirschi apare mereu insotit de colaboratoarea sa, o tanara de aproximativ 30 de ani. Fie ca merge la vreo emisiune TV, la vreo intalnire sau chiar acasa, alaturi de ministrul Mediului se afla intotdeauna tanara bruneta. Paparazzii CANCAN i-au surprins pe cei doi de mai multe ori, ultima data chiar in miez de noapte, in timp ce ieseau din sediul Antenei 3, acolo unde ministrul Mediului participase la o emisiune tv. Nemirschi si apropiata sa angajata s-au urcat in masina de serviciu, un Volkswagen Touareg condus de un sofer, si au plecat spre centrul Capitalei. Cei doi au coborat impreuna, dupa care au intrat intr-un bloc luxos situat in zona Unirii. Ce s-a intamplat mai departe in acea seara nu se stie. Cert este ca demnitarul, care este casatorit cu Camelia Nemirschi si are doi copii, a parasit imobilul a doua zi dimineata. (sursa: Cancan)

Botezatu nu se insoara nici in gluma

Invitat miercuri seara in emisiunea "Un show pacatos" de la Antena 1, creatorul de moda s-a infuriat peste masura cand a fost rugat sa simuleze ca se casatoreste cu iubita sa, asistenta lui Capatos, Bianca Dragusanu. Reactia designer-ului a fost generata de invitarea in studio si a fostului primar Viorel Lis, acesta avand rolul de a da o tenta de credibilitatea simulacrului casatoriei celor doi. Botezatu s-a certat si s-a "intepat" cu Capatos aproape pe tot parcursul timpului petrecut in platou, spunandu-i moderatorului ca il confunda cu alt gen de personaje care sunt invitate la acest show. "Nu sunt un circar. Pe mine nu ma intereseaza aceste glume ieftine si cred ca ma confundati cu alte personaje care au fost aici pe canapea", a declarat vizibil iritat Botezatu. Paharul s-a umplut in momentul in care in studio a fost adus tortul miresei, celebrul creator de moda luand decizia sa paraseasca emisiunea in timpul pauzei publicitare. (sursa: Libertatea)

Vedeta va relua &bdquoTeo Show" din octombrie, de aceasta data ca producator independent la Local TV Network, companie cu mai multi actionari. Emisiunea lui Teo va fi difuzata simultan de 30 de posturi de televiziune locale din tara. Proiectul produce, pentru inceput, doua programe, ambele saptamanale: &bdquoTeo Show" si &bdquoPe gustul tau",oemisiune realizata de vedeta Kanal D Simona Patruleasa. Directorul Local TV Network, Bogdan Ionescu, a dezvaluit, in premiera pentru, cateva detalii despre proiect: &bdquoStudioul produce emisiuni pentru televiziunile din teritoriu. Nu e nicio asociere cu vreunul dintre marile posturi comerciale. In afara de cele doua milioane de locuitori din Bucuresti, exista o piata consistenta, de 20 milioane, si in tara. Structura actuala de costurine permite sa ne acoperim cheltuielile". &bdquoTeo Show" va avea 90 de minute si se bazeaza pe formatul clasic consacrat de Teo Trandafir, dar, spun producatorii, &bdquova avea mai multa stralucire". &bdquoPe gustul tau" dureaza insa doar 26 de minute si este un cooking show cu invitati care, ajutati de Simona Patruleasa, vor gati o reteta interesanta dezvaluind in acelasi timp si istoria acesteia.(sursa: Ring)

Buzdugan a fost sarbatorit de taximetristi

Daniel Buzdugan a implinit ieri 35 de ani. Colegii lui au profitat de ocazie si i-au pregatit o surpriza dis-de-dimineata. Ca in fiecare zi, si ieri, 'nea Nicu taximetristul l-a asteptat pe Buzdu in fata blocului sa-l duca la &bdquoMorning ZU". Doar ca 'nea Nicu a deviat de la traseu. L-a dus pe Buzdu in Piata Alba Iulia, unde era asteptat de inca 29 de taxiuri. Din partea colegilor de breasla, Buzdugan a primit un tricou personalizat cu numele lui, dar si un tort, astfel incat toata echipa ZU sa se indulceasca. (sursa: Ring)

How to assemble the delicious Banoffee Cake

Place the first cake top in a clean baking dish over which half of the amount of caramel is spread. Spread half of the mascarpone cream with whipped cream over the caramel and place thin slices of bananas on the entire surface.

Cover with the second top and again spread a layer of caramel, one of mascarpone cream with cream and banana slices. Decorate the edges with pieces of biscuits and grated chocolate. The cake thus assembled is cooled, preferably from one day to the next, only then it is removed from the form and portioned.

Sumele colosale pe care le-au primit vedetele din România pentru a apărea în Playboy

Imediat după Revoluție au intrat pe piața românească mai multe publicații internaționale. În 1999, cea mai populară dintre acestea a fost revista dedicată adulților, Playboy. De atunci, multe nume celebre din showbiz-ul românesc au apărut pe copertă.

Dan Boerescu, editorul revistei Playboy din România a mărturisit câteva lucruri neștiute despre femeile care au pozat. Primul număr românesc a apărut cu Dana Săvuică pe copertă. Potrivit lui Dan Boerescu, fotografiile Danei au fost făcute de un fotograf cunoscut la Chicago. Acesta colabora cu publicația de aproximativ 30 de ani. S-au vândut atunci zeci de mii de exemplare.

„Dana Săvuică a pozat pentru numărul 1 la Chicago, în studioul regretatului Richard Fegley. Într-o pauză a şedinţei foto, a fost abordată de chitaristul lui Bruce Springsteen, celebrul Steve Van Zandt.

Acesta dădea un interviu pentru Playboy USA. A invitat-o să ia masa cu trupa la hotel. Dana a refuzat să meargă singură, fără mine. A ratat ocazia de a-l cunoaşte pe Bruce Springsteen', a declarat Dan Boerescu.

Drumul deschis de Dana Săvuică a fost deschis mai multor doamne celebre sau care au devenit celebre. Una dintre cele care au apărut pe coperta revistei a fost Andreea Antonescu, care de altfel, a fost și cel mai bine plătită. În 2001, ea a câștigat în urma pictorialului realizat suma de 30.000 de euro.

„Am negociat prima dată cu tatăl ei, Gigi Antonescu. Nu puteam vorbi cu fete sub 18 ani. Când a pozat, era majoră deja. Am facut și cu Andreea Bălan ceva, o supercopertă, dar atunci era cu cariera ei. Fostul meu adjunct a negociat tot', a mai spus Dan Boerescu.

Sume mai mici, cum ar fi 10.000 de euro, au luat Loredana Groza, Andreea Bănică sau Andreea Mantea. Andreea Mantea a câștigat și un concurs organizat de publicație, Miss Playboy, în urma căruia a primit și alte cadouri.


Fotbalistul a mai jucat în sezonul 2015/2016 în Liga a 2-a, la echipa Rapidului care obţinea promovarea în Liga 1, scrie După falimentul vişiniilor, Raiciu a ajuns la FCSB, pentru un singur sezon, pentru ca vara trecută să semneze cu Pandurii Târgu-Jiu, actuala sa echipă.

Conturile de socializare ale lui Raiciu sunt o adevărată mină de aur. Fotbalistul este un adevăr "Dan Blizerian" mioritic. Băiat de bani gata, Raiciu a ţinut mereu să îşi afişeze ţinutele scumpe şi maşinile luxoase. El are ceasuri Rolex în valoare de peste 100.000 de euro, dar şi ţinute de la firme celebre, precum Valentino, Hermes sau Louis Vuiton. De asemenea, Raiciu şi-a etalat şi bolidul, un Mercedes alb decapotabil, a cărui valoare pe piaţă depăşeşte 50.000 de euro.

Cu toate acestea, cum orice naş îşi are naşul, fotbalistul care acum evoluează pentru Pandurii Târgu Jiu a fost pus cu botul "pe labe". Cea care a reuşit să îl &bdquoîmblânzească" pe Raiciu este Andreea, cunoscută pe internet cu pseudonimul de &bdquoJeane von Dee".

Andreea este o blondă din Bucureşti cu o poveste extrem de picantă şi de interesantă. Ea şi-a câştigat admiraţia pe reţelele de socializare nu doar pentru pozele extrem de provocatoare pe care le-a publicat pe facebook sau instagram, ci şi pentru că a recunoscut, fără inhibiţii, că face videochat.

De altfel, Jeane Von Dee era una dintre prezenţele virale de pe internetul românesc. Pozele sale au strâns mii de aprecieri, iar datorită acestui lucru Jeane a reuşit chiar să apară într-un pictorial pentru cunoscuta revistă pentru adulţi Playboy. Însă, după ce relaţia cu Raiciu a devenit mai serioasă, Jeane a renunţat de tot la reţelele de socializare. Cu toate acestea, Cristi Raiciu a postat mai multe poze cu noua sa cucerire pe reţelele personale de socializare.

Recent, Jeane von Dee a pozat şi pentru primul număr al unei noi reviste pentru adulţi, în care a oferit şi un scurt interviu. Fotomodelul a povestit că se menţine în formă prin faptul că este vegetariană şi că merge la sala de fitness. În ceea ce priveşte fanteziile sale erotice, tânăra a spus că ar dori să facă sex oriunde, chiar şi la restaurant, &bdquoîntre felul doi şi desert".

Tort Fantezie cu ciocolată și zmeură

Special preparat pentru o zi onomastică, acest Tort Fantezie cu ciocolată și zmeură a avut un mare succes, datorită combinației irezistibile de ciocolată cu zmeură.

Am adăugat zmeură din belșug și în cele două blaturi, dar am ales să prepar și un delicios jeleu de zmeură dulce-acrișor care a fost atracția acestui tort.

La creme, am preparat clasica rețetă de ganache , dar la care am folosit o smântână pentru frișcă naturală cu aromă de vanilie( LaDorna).

Iar pentru blaturi, clasicele rețete de pandișpan simplu și pandișpan cu cacao și le-am înnobilat cu zmeură.

Le-am însiropat ușor cu un sirop cu aromă de vanilie și am decorat tortul cu glazură de ciocolată cu lapte, să compenseze gustul cremei de ciocolată amăruie.

Video: milkynut cake (May 2022).